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Aquaculture Farm in Fl Keys wants to add to customer listHits: 711
on 2015-30-12 08:20
[     ]
Harvest Bounty Enterprises is your dependable wholesale source for aquacultured coral including ricordea from the Florida Keys. We are propagators of saltwater species from the Florida Keys marine environment. Our unique aquaculture systems ensure safe breeding and production of healthy coral for the aquarium market. We promise you high quality products and hands-on personal service. Want to see photos? Visit our website at and on FaceBook at
Below see umbrella mushroom and sinularia 

umbrella mushroom (2).jpg
sinularia closeup (1).jpg

  Subject Author Date
*  Aquaculture Farm in Fl Keys wants to add to customer list MarineMan 2015-30-12 08:20

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