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Free Seafood Trading board for Importers/Exporters, Seafood Processors and Suppliers * You may search this board by species *

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seafood/fish for USA and Mexico marketHits: 439
[Elongfood Group]
on 2016-28-11 07:58
[     ]
Dear Valued customer
Good day.
There is some offer for Golden Pompano and Black Tilapia ,which is top quality.any questions,just let me know.thank you advance.
If you need other ports or difference glaze,just let me update the price for you.

Tilapia fillet
Tilapia fillet,Shallow skinless,Natural trimmed,100% nw only,3-5OZ,Co-streat,IQF,MAX 82% moisture 1x10lbs, CNF New york 1.65usd/lb

tilapia fillet,Shallow skinless,,Natural trimmed,100% nw only,5-7oz,Co-streat,IQF max 82% moisture, 1x10lbs,CNF New york 1.81usd/lb(IQF)
CNF New york 1.87usd/lb(IVP)

Golden Pompano:
East USA
Frozen Golden Pompano,500-600g,W/R,100%nw,IWP,BULk, CNF East USA USD1.95/LB
Frozen Golden Pompano,600-800g,W/R,100%nw,IWP,BULk,CNF East USA USD2.05/LB

West USA
Frozen Golden Pompano,500-600g,W/R,100%nw,IWP,BULk, CNF West USA USD1.92/LB
Frozen Golden Pompano,600-800g,W/R,100%nw,IWP,BULk,CNF West USA USD2.02/LB

Black Tilapia:
Tilapia, Gutted&Scaled,100%NW,IWP,40lb/ctn,CNF NY(east USA),
350-550 0.88/LB
550-750 0.92/LB
750+ 0.96/LB

Tilapia, Gutted&Scaled,90%NW,Size beforce glaze,IWP,40lb/ctn, CNF NY(east USA)
350-550 0.81/LB
550-750 0.85/LB
750+ 0.89/LB

Tilapia, Gutted&Scaled,85%NW,Size beforce glaze,IWP,40lb/ctn, CNF NY(east USA)
350-550 0.78/LB
550-750 0.82/LB
750+ 0.86/LB

Any More products informations,just let me know,we will reply you soon.

For Latin-America Market:
cooked vannamei shrimp, PUD, stpp
Packing 10x1kg, 60% net, 40% glazing, size before glaze,clear poly bag
CIF Manzanillo, Mexico
Size (count/lb)
91-120 USD5.20 /kg
100-200 USD5.00/kg

Pescadore Rough shrimp(Trachypenarus Pescadoreensis SchmittSize),PUD,before glaze,40%glaze,Free-chemical,1kg/bag, 12bags/ctn,CNF Manzanillo, Mexico USD/LB
90/120 3.23/lb
120/150 2.92/lb
100/200 2.61/lb

Best regards,
Nicole ( senior sales )
Yangjiang Guangdong.China
Fax:+86 +662+3136568

  Subject Author Date
*  seafood/fish for USA and Mexico market Elongfood Group 2016-28-11 07:58

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