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SELL: Dried Spiky Sea CucumbersHits: 49
on 2017-19-09 17:14
[     ]
Hangkui Sea-Products & Co Ltd processes 2 different kinds of dried sea cucumbers which are all collected from the wild. The processing of our sea cucumbers are of the highest possible standards. They are thoroughly cleaned, gutted, boiled and naturally sun dried in the most proper hygienic standards. We do offer packaging in polypropylene bags of 30kg and also in standard carton boxes of 15kg NET weight. The value of our dried sea cucumbers are comparable only to that of Japan. We do sign constant supply contracts to reliable clients. 

Sea Cucs2.jpg
Sea Cucs3.jpg

  Subject Author Date
*  SELL: Dried Spiky Sea Cucumbers hangkui 2017-19-09 17:14

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