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New Recreational Fishing Equipment Listings

These are the most recent Fishing Equipment Suppliers that have been added to the Aquafind directory. The complete listing may be found at Fishing Tackle - Wholesale. You may add your company as a Fishing Equipment Suppler here.

  • Elburgon Flies Supply - Nairobi, Kenya Elburgon Flies Supply - Nairobi, Kenya - 1/12/11 - Elburgon supplies wholesale fly fishing flies, retail fishing flies, Premium quality flies, fishing lures, and fishing baits, A well trained staff is available to take care of custom orders to make prototype of your products.

  • P&J Lures - Joseph City, Arizona P&J Lures - Joseph City, Arizona - 7/20/10 - P&J Lures fishing lures are 100% lead free, hand crafted and made with only the finest materials. We design, create, and test our fishing lures before we put them on the market. We offer P&J Vibrating Fishing Lures that are great for schooling fish and casting and retrieving. We also offer P&J Spinner Baits that have excellent vibration.

  • IFT HOUSE - Kolkata , India IFT HOUSE - Kolkata , India - 7/19/10 - Tackle, tools and accessories for fly fishing, sea fishing, carp fishing and coarse fishing. Fly tying materials, tools, and more than 1000 items for carp-fishing.

  • Blackhook Wholesale Distribution - Fort Lauderdale, Florida Blackhook Wholesale Distribution - Fort Lauderdale, Florida - 10/2/08 - Blackhook Big Game Wholesale Distribution is primarily a distributor of saltwater fishing tackle. We help Tackle Shops target "Big Game", "Blue Water" enthusiasts. Our staff has over 25 years of experience assisting top retail stores in lure rigging, teaser building, consulting, and outfitting.

  • Seaport Fish Company, LLC - K M Exports - Kolkata, India K M Exports - Kolkata, India - 9/26/08 - We are a carp and fly fishing tools manufacturer and exporter since 1989 producing fishing tackle and accessories. We also manufacture fly-fishing tools and accessories. The range includes rod pods, bank sticks, buzzer bars, match roller, bite indictors, floats, lead items, rod rests & supports and lot of terminal tackle. In fly-fishing we are specialist of vises, scissors, forceps, priests, game bags and hundreds of other fly-tying materials including brass beads and fly tying.

  • Xtreme Northwest Bait Co LLC - Oregon, USAXtreme Northwest Bait Co LLC - Oregon, USA - 11/6/07 - Xtreme Northwest Bait Co. LLC offers the finest Salmon, Steelhead and Sturgeon bait and is home to a wide selection of fishing bait products. An Oregon based supplier of fresh and cured Salmon Roe, we specialize in salmon roe ensuring that high quality sustainable bait is always available.

  • Emen Engineering Industries - IndiaEmen Engineering Industries - India - 10/16/07 - With years long experience and after searching the globe with an experienced eyes, we are pleased to offer you the products that will stand the test of time and the elements, and we can assure you this 100 %. Our every material is manufactured under hawk eye supervision of skilled and trained fly tyres and fishermen in our own workshop.

  • Darbley Fish IrelandDarbleyfish - Ireland - 6/21/07 - Darbleyfish is Irelands newest fly-tying materials & tools specialist. We have set up because of the difficulty of getting premium quality tying materials and tools in Ireland.

  • Emerald Marine Corp IndiaEmerald Marine Corp. - India - 5/27/07 - Supplier of tournament certified fishing equipment, export/import, shipping worldwide.

  • SRK Overseas Ltd IndiaSRK Overseas Ltd. - India - 3/20/07 - Manufacturer of quality tackle and accessories for Carp Fishing, such as, Rodpod, Buzzbar, Rodrests, Float, Feeder etc.

  • Merrick Tackle New YorkMerrick Tackle - New York - 3/20/07 - Wholesale distributors of fishing tackle, rod building components, commercial fishing supplies & dexter knives.

  • Sanvin Enterprises IndiaSanvin Enterprises - India - 3/20/07 - We are manufacturers & exporters of sports fishing tools & accessories. Our range of fly and carp fishing tools & accessories can be seen at our website. Our latest offering is the HDPE Fishing Net Float made out of High Density Foaming Process.

  • Captain Hooks Discount Warehouse MissouriCaptain Hooks Discount Warehouse - Missouri - 3/19/07 - Supplier of brand name fishing hooks, hook kits, swivels etc.

  • Sea Queen Fishing Tackles IndiaSea Queen Fishing Tackles - India - 3/19/07 - Manufacturer and import/export of all kinds of fishing products including hooks, lures and swivels etc.

  • Zhejiang Grand Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd. - China - 3/19/07 - Offers: fishing tackle and accessories such as fishing tackle, fishing hooks, fishing net, fishing lures, swivels, snap, clips, fishing line etc.

  • K-Labs Ltd New ZealandK-labs Ltd - New Zealand - 3/18/07 - K-labs Ltd are the sole New Zealand agents for Gruppo DP's ASSO range of Monofilaments. You will also find a simple range of fish hooks and swivels, these very same hooks and swivels are being manufactured by companies that supply some of the worlds most respected tackle brands, the range has been chosen with quality rather than quantity in mind.

  • Keep'n It Reel Huntington BeachKeep'n It Reel - Huntington Beach - 3/17/07 - We sell salt & freshwater fishing T-shirts with poker themes, scenic, & pro series. The best quality for any outdoorsman, also the home of the lighted hat that allows you hands free light. Reel Products For Reel Outdoorsman!

  • Kudos China Kudos - China - 3/17/07 - Manufacturer of all kinds of rigs and soft lures, Tungsten tube and with a trading department for all other kinds of fishingtackle.

  • World Class Flies Kenya World Class Flies - Kenya - 3/17/07 - World Class Flies ties high quality, hand-tied flies for guides and fly shops all over the world. Whether you need standard dry, nymph or streamer patterns, or you have a pattern that you would like to have us produce for you, our tyers are ready to help. With prices as low as $3.50 per dozen, we can help decrease your costs while increasing your profits.

  • Davecom Ltd Kenya Davecom Ltd. - Kenya - 3/17/07 - We tie & supply fish flies in wholesale/bulk and also organize Safaris, tours & fishing trips in East Africa. We produce flies using genetic fly tying feathers as well as authentic materials depending on the clients requirement.

  • RG Saga Exports India RG Saga Exports - India - 3/17/07 - RG Saga was established by trained and experienced professional fly tyers & fishermen. The flies, tools & materials are manufactured under strict supervision of skilled personnel in own workshop.

  • K M Exports India K M Exports - India - 3/17/07 - We are Calcutta based quality manufacturer and exporter of Sport Fishing Tackle and tools in India. We export specialty Carp Fishing / Fly Fishing / Coarse Fishing tackle and general accessories used in all discipline of sport fishing.

  • Weihai Jasa Sporting Products Co Ltd China Weihai Jasa Sporting Products Co.,Ltd - China - 3/17/07 - Weihai Jasa Sport Co. Ltd. is a professional fishing rod manufacturer, established in 1988. We supply all types of fishing rods, including spinning/trolling/stand up /fly/feeder/match/car pole/Bolognese etc. We also make rods for Shakespeare/Penn/DA M/Flanden etc.

  • Weihai Bota Fishing Tackle Co Ltd China Weihai Bota Fishing Tackle Co., Ltd. - China - 3/16/07 - Manufacturer of fishing sets, rods, reels, fishing lures, bite alarms, landing nets, fly reels, fly rods, tackle boxes, chemical lights, fishing bags, lead sinkers.

  • Nevada - Nevada - 3/16/07 - We provide anglers with the opportunity to create a custom wrapped rod. Made specific to the customers requests and their intended application whether its used by the ice fisherman or the sport fishermen on the high seas. Our rods are made with the finest materials and with the utmost attention to detail with the quality craftsmanship.

  • Trophyfishcam Canada Trophyfishcam - Canada - 3/16/07 - Trophyfishcam is an underwater camera with the same great underwater shots the well known commercial cameras are getting without the costs. Trophyfishcam is great for exploring underwater structure, weed, rocks, locate bait fish, or locate that great diving spot without getting wet.

  • Hot Shotz Holdings Ltd New Zealand Hot Shotz Holdings Ltd - New Zealand - 3/16/07 - New Zealand's foremost innovators and manufacturers of Fishing Rigs. We specialise in Species Specific patterns, thus increasing catch rates. Products include, Flasher rigs, Specialist Casting rigs, Deep Sea Rigs, Accessories, Luminous products etc.

  • Willy Lures South Dakota Willy Lures - South Dakota - 3/16/07 - Offering a wide variety of fishing tackle products such as spinner baits, crank baits, spoons, rods. Product is manufactured using only quality components.

  • Hagen's Fishing Tackle South Dakota Hagen's Fishing Tackle - South Dakota - 3/16/07 - Hagen's manufactures fishing tackle components like spinner blades casting spoons and much more. Find everything you need for your tackle business all in one fishing tackle catalog.

  • Legal Limits Co New York Legal Limits Co. - New York - 3/16/07 - Self-adhesive back ruler tape measures that apply to a fisherman\'s rod, boat, kayak etc. Convenient and durable. Various sizes : (12", 24", 36" and Combo Pack 24"/36").

  • Xinghua City Prosper Fishing Tackle Factory China Xinghua City Prosper Fishing Tackle Factory - China - 3/16/07 - Manufacturer/Exporter of lures, spoons, spinners, lead fish, sabiki, hooks, squid jigs, rods, reels, swivels, floats and other equipment.

  • A-BOS Limited Maine A-BOS Limited - Maine - 3/16/07 - A-BOS is a manufacturer and importer of fishing tackle products. We have a superb collection of competitively priced fishing tackle that can be customized to the client's specifications. Rods for fresh and saltwater, spin, cast or fly with glass or high-content graphite blanks, all sizes and actions to meet any fisherman's needs.

  • Mega Cat Crew Kansas Mega Cat Crew - Kansas - 3/16/07 - We sell Catfishing tackle and night fishing supplies. Catfish DVD, Net Light, Minibeam flashlights.

  • Flies On Demand Kenya Flies On Demand - Kenya - 3/16/07 - We tie very high quality fishing flies as follows: wet, nymphs, dry, streamers, midges, epoxy, salmon, tubeflies, saltwater, bass, pike, etc.

  • Fairdeal Idol India Fairdeal Idol - India - 3/16/07 - We are a direct manufacturer and exporter of fly & carp fishing equipment such as vises, ceramic bobbins, scissors, feathers, tinsel/threads, rod pod, bank stick, catapult, rod rest, feeder, fishing wallet, fishing bags, indicator, floats, baiting needle etc.

  • Factory Direct Tackle Corporation Canada Factory Direct Tackle Corporation - Canada - 3/16/07 - Factory Direct Tackle Corp offers fishing tackle and gear as well as camping and hunting products wholesale within Canada and also ships world wide. We also offer many other services, like logo design for T-Shirts, Caps, Pro-Fishing Shirts and shorts for businesses in the fishing tackle/camping/hunting industry.

  • Cathy's Crawly Composters Canada Cathy's Crawly Composters - Canada - 3/16/07 - Environmental worm composting business - red wiggler worms, bins, castings, books, consulting and inspirational workshops. Worms convert paper and food scraps into nature's finest organic fertilizer. Our goal is to raise awareness about the environment & encourage sustainable practices. Great solution for apartment dwellers.

  • China Cixi ZCL Fishing Tackle Co Ltd China China Cixi ZCL Fishing Tackle Co.,Ltd - China - 3/16/07 - We are professional Chinese fishing tackle manufacturer and exporter. We can offer fishing reel, fishing rods, fish bite alarm and other accessories. Buyers, distr ibutors and importers are always welcome.

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