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Flounder Wholesale Suppliers - Atheresthes stomias/Paralichthys spp.

Code Explanation:

The ten-digit numerical code used for seafood species is the taxonomic classification from the ASFIS list of species compiled by the FAO Fishery Information, Data and Statistics Unit.

Wholesalers of Flounder

CodeCommon NameScientific NameInfoProducers
1830804607American Forespot FlounderParalichthys oblongaView4
Arctic flounderLiopsetta glacialisView4
1830200406Arctic flounderPleuronectes glacialis1
1830200801Arrowtooth FlounderAtheresthes stomiasView181
1830200801Arrowtooth Flounder - BlocksAtheresthes stomias2
1830200801Arrowtooth Flounder - FilletsAtheresthes stomiasView10
1830200801Arrowtooth Flounder - HGAtheresthes stomias2
1830200801Arrowtooth Flounder - HGTAtheresthes stomias2
1830200801Arrowtooth Flounder - J-cutAtheresthes stomias1
1830200801Arrowtooth Flounder - LoinsAtheresthes stomias1
1830200801Arrowtooth Flounder - PortionsAtheresthes stomias2
1830200801Arrowtooth Flounder - Skinless Fillets PBIAtheresthes stomias1
1830200801Arrowtooth Flounder - WRAtheresthes stomias1
1830600101Atlantic Spotted FlounderCitharus linguatula7
1830205601Barfin flounderVerasper moseri1
Blackfin flounderGlyptocephalus stelleriView1
1830804602Brazilian flounderParalichthys brasiliensisView2
18308046XXBroad flounderParlaichthys spp.1
1830101601Caribbean flounderTrichopsetta caribbaea2
Deepwater flounderMonolene sessilicauda1
Elongate flounderAmmotretis elongatus1
1830204802European Flounder - Mud FlounderPlatichthys flesusView22
1830204802European Flounder - Mud Flounder - FilletsPlatichthys flesus2
1830101807Eyed flounderBothus ocellatus1
1830804610Fine flounderParalichthys adspersusView1
1830201403Flathead flounderHippoglossoides dubius12
1830804611Flounder - Patagonian H.G.T.Paralichthys patagonicus5
1830804611Flounder - Patagonian WholeParalichthys patagonicus5
1830804611Flounder - Patagonian Whole and GuttedParalichthys patagonicus5
Flounder - BlackRhombosolea retiaria3
1830804603Flounder - CaliforniaParalichthys californicusView7
18308046XXFlounder - FilletParalichthys spp.15
Flounder - FilletsXysteurys rasile7
1830205302Flounder - GreenbackRhombosolea tapirina3
18308046XXFlounder - HGParalichthys spp.7
18308046XXFlounder - InterleavedParalichthys spp.5
1830205301Flounder - SandRhombosolea plebeia9
18308046XXFlounder - WRParalichthys spp.9
Flounder - YellowbellyRhombosolea leporina6
1830101806Flowery flounderBothus mancus2
1830804608Gulf FlounderParalichthys albiguttaView1
Indo-Pacific oval flounderBothus myriaster1
1830200802Kamchatka FlounderAtheresthes evermanniView5
1830200802Kamchatka Flounder - HGAtheresthes evermanni1
1830200802Kamchatka Flounder - HGTAtheresthes evermanni1
1830205004Marbled flounderPseudopleuronectes yokohamaeView1
Olive flounderParaichthys olivaceus4
Olive flounder - FingerlingsParaichthys olivaceus - Fingerlings1
1830804611Patagonian flounderParalichthys patagonicusView3
18302XXXXXRighteye flounders neiPleuronectidae11
1830202407Sand flounderLimanda punctatissima2
1830804609Southern FlounderParalichthys lethostigmaView1
1830804605Speckled flounderParalichthys woolmaniView1
1830204804Starry Flounder - FilletsPlatichthys stellatusView2
1830204804Starry Flounder - Long-jaw FlounderPlatichthys stellatusView3
Stone flounderKareius bicoloratus1
1830804606Summer FlounderParalichthys dentatus9
1830804606Summer Flounder - Fresh WholeParalichthys dentatus1
1830804606Summer Flounder - Frozen BlockParalichthys dentatus1
1830804606Summer Flounder - Frozen DressedParalichthys dentatus1
1830804606Summer Flounder - Frozen FilletsParalichthys dentatus2
1830804606Summer Flounder - Frozen H&GParalichthys dentatus1
1830804606Summer Flounder - Frozen WholeParalichthys dentatus3
Threespot flounderGrammatobothus polyophthalmus1
Winter flounderPleuronectes americanusView7
1830205003Winter flounderPseudopleuronectes americanusView2
Winter flounder - FilletsPleuronectes americanusView1
1830205003Winter flounder - FilletsPseudopleuronectes americanusView1
1830201102Witch FlounderGlyptocephalus cynoglossusView29
1830201102Witch Flounder - Fresh FilletsGlyptocephalus cynoglossus1
1830201102Witch Flounder - Fresh WholeGlyptocephalus cynoglossus3
1830201102Witch Flounder - Frozen FilletsGlyptocephalus cynoglossusView3
1830201102Witch Flounder - Frozen H&GGlyptocephalus cynoglossus1
1830201102Witch Flounder - Frozen WholeGlyptocephalus cynoglossus4
1830202404Yellowtail FlounderLimanda ferrugineaView28
1830202404Yellowtail Flounder - FilletsLimanda ferrugineaView4
1830202404Yellowtail Flounder - HGLimanda ferruginea2
1830202404Yellowtail Flounder - IQFLimanda ferruginea2

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