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Press Release

Uppsala, Sweden 8/4/2006



Uppsala, Sweden 30/11/2006


Effective machine for removing pin bones in many fish species.


For fish processors striving for faster deboning, the swedish company Exos offers the new pin bone remover Exos-220E. So far the Exos-220E has proved to work in almost twenty different fish species, including Great silver smelt, Pike Perch, Coho, Sockeye salmon, Atlantic Salmon, Sea Trout, Saithe, Haddock, Herring, Whitefish, Chinook, Salmon, Perch, Rainbow Trout, Char, Mackerel and Hake.


One customer says: "We bought our Exos-220E machine after two days of testing. We have over the years tried most pin bone removers on the market, and I have never used a faster and more effective machine. In less than four seconds all bones were removed from a 800 gram Salmon fillet. This gives a very quick return on our investment"


Kari Koljonen, Chief Technical Officer at Exos, explaines the difference from other machines on the market: "The design with two wheels instead of one, in combination with a powerful brushless motor, gives us the advantage of moving the machine faster over the fillet. If the first wheel misses the bone, wheel number two will pull it out. The speed of the wheels can easily be adjusted from the control box.", concludes mr Koljonen.


Although the Exos-220E is fast, the processed fillet showed no gaping or other damages. This machine is built for professional use, which means it is lightweight and easy to handle and maintain. After a days work all vital parts can be removed by hand without any tools, for effective cleaning.


A big advantage with an electric machine is the fact the handle will not get cold as with an air driven deboner, which is very appreciated by the users.


The Exos-220E is equipped with an in-built cleaning device, which means the operator can clean the machine just by clicking a button on the handle.


Exos and it's staff have more than fifteen years experience developing equipment for removing pin bones. For more information, please visit


Exos AB
Ekeby Bruk
SE-752 75 Uppsala, Sweden

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