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Emblemaria pandionis - Sailfin blenny

Emblemaria pandionis - Sailfin blenny

The sailfin blenny is a small fish that grows to only 2 inches with a tubular body and a blunt head and snout. It has a fleshy appendage known as a cirri above each eye and a distinctively large single dorsal fin. Males are usually dark in color, whereas females tend to be light with mottled dark spots. Like other blennies, the sailfin blenny will rest in holes propped up on their long thin ventral fins. They are found on coral and rocky reefs and in sandy bottom areas to depths of 35 feet.

Distribution, Stock Structure and Migration
Western Atlantic: Bahamas, Puerto Rico, and northern Gulf of Mexico (Florida and Texas, USA) to northern South America.

Inhabits areas with clear water, from rocky shores to coral reefs. Often lives in empty worm holes, coral rubble, or edges of channels where holes are available. Shy, leaves hole only for brief periods.

Zooplankton and small invertebrates.

Quick Fact
The male sailfin blenny performs a distinct display by flicking its large dorsal fin up and down several times before retreating to its hole.

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