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Scarus vetula - Queen parrotfish

Scarus vetula - Queen parrotfish

The queen parrotfish is dark with a soft-edged, horizontal white stripe in its initial phase and blue-green with blue or green markings around its mouth and a lighter bar on its pectoral fins in its terminal phase. It can grow to 24 inches, but is usually found to be between 12-16 inches in length. Queen parrotfish have fused teeth that look like a parrot's beak, which allow them to scrape filamentous algae from corals and rocks.

Distribution, Stock Structure and Migration
Western Central Atlantic: Bermuda, Florida (USA), and Bahamas to northern South America; throughout the Caribbean Sea.

Inhabits coral reefs and adjacent habitats.

Feeds on algae scraped from rocks or dead coral.

Quick Fact
The queen parrotfish ingests a lot of limestone when scraping algae off of corals and rocks. Their powerful jaws finely grind it and it passes through their system to be expelled as sand.

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