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Stegastes planifrons - Threespot damselfish

Stegastes planifrons - Threespot damselfish Photo courtesy: Geoff Schultz

Adults brownish gray with a yellowish cast; vertical dark lines following scale rows; a large blackish spot covering most of pectoral base, darkest near upper part; pectorals slightly dusky. The young are bright yellow with a large black spot at base of dorsal fin at junction of spinous and soft portions, a large black spot dorsally on caudal peduncle and a small one at upper pectoral base.

Distribution, Stock Structure and Migration
Western Atlantic: including southern Florida (USA), Bahamas, and the Caribbean Sea.

Inhabits inshore and offshore coral reefs. Found within caves at night. Often found in tangles of staghorn coral; anywhere there is abundant algae on reefs.

Feeds mainly on algae but also on harpacticoid copepods, small gastropods, eggs of mollusks, sponges, polychaetes and hydroids. Juveniles subsist on the external parasites of fishes.

Quick Fact
Pugnaciously guards large territories, will chase and nip intruders of all sizes, including divers.

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