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Wholesale Sardine Suppliers - Sardina pilchardus/Sardinella spp.

CAABITISASFISCommon NameScientific NamePicCount
370850185514521210501223Bali sardinellaSardinella lemuruView1
1617641210501224Brazilian sardinellaSardinella brasiliensisView1
370850285514471210501201Deepbody sardinella - Kattifish -Big Eye IlishaSardinella brachysomaView2
370857931618131210506401European Pilchard - SardineSardina pilchardusView112
370857931618131210506401European Pilchard - Sardine - BlockSardina pilchardus4
370857931618131210506401European Pilchard - Sardine - FilletsSardina pilchardus2
370857931618131210506401European Pilchard - Sardine - HGSardina pilchardus3
370857931618131210506401European Pilchard - Sardine - IQFSardina pilchardus7
370857931618131210506401European Pilchard - Sardine - WRSardina pilchardus12
16170012105XXXXXHerrings - sardines neiClupeidae5
5514531210501204Indian Oil SardineSardinella longicepsView17
5514531210501204Indian Oil Sardine - Fresh WRSardinella longiceps2
5514531210501204Indian Oil Sardine - Frozen WRSardinella longiceps2
Japanese SardinellaHarengula zunasi2
5514601210501222Japanese sawsharkSardinella zunasiView1
Pacific SardineSardinops sagax sagax8
1619381231200130Sardine ciscoCoregonus sardinella17
1617671210501217Sardinella - MandarinSardinella maderensisView2
12105012XXSardinellas neiSardinella spp.19
12105012XXSardinellas nei - CannedSardinella spp.3
12105012XXSardinellas nei - HGTSardinella spp.3
12105012XXSardinellas nei - HGTOSardinella spp.2
12105012XXSardinellas nei - WRSardinella spp.3
370850145514451210501218Short-bodied Sardine - White SardinellaSardinella albellaView3
370850205512361210500502Smooth-belly sardinellaAmblygaster leiogasterView1
370857911617631210501210Spanish SardineSardinella auritaView28
370857911617631210501210Spanish Sardine - CannedSardinella aurita1
370857911617631210501210Spanish Sardine - WRSardinella aurita6
370850065512371210500503Spotted sardinellaAmblygaster sirmView3
370850215512391210507301White sardineEscualosa thoracataView2

Code Explanation:

CAAB – Codes for Australian Aquatic Biota, an 8-digit coding system for aquatic organisms. ITIS – Codes for Integrated Taxonomic Information System, taxonomic information on aquatic species of the world. ASFIS – Aquatic Sciences and Fisheries Information System list of species selected according to their interest or relation to fisheries and aquaculture. We also use the shorter DATZ & Aqualog codes where possible for Ornamental species.

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