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Preferred Fish Trader Listing Submission

In response to requests for a listing of dependable fish traders we are offering this site as a means of listing fish traders giving all users the opportunity to dispute any fish trader listing that they feel should not be presented here.

To be added to the Aquafind listing of Preferred Fish Traders, you must first submit your company details. Your listing will then be added to the pending list where it will remain for 30 days. If there are no verifiable complaints or derogatory messages, then your listing will be placed on the main Preferred list of fish traders. If, at a later date, complaints or derogatory information is received your listing may still become ineligible for the list provided the information is verifiable. This a peer reviewed list and Aquafind will not be held responsible to ascertain the creditworthiness of a business or research any business details. Aquafind may verify complaints as they are received. All complaints and documentation relating to a trader must be sent to "Contact - Trader Listings" for verification.

Add Your Company

This registration is for fish traders who would like to be listed on the Preferred Fish Traders list.

All fields marked with an asterisk (*) must be completed.
Contact Name *
Company Name *
Address *
City *
State/Province *
Post Code *
Country *
Phone *
Mobile _
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E-Mail *
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Aquafind does not indemnify or endorse any listing on the Preferred Trader List or in the directories of Aquafind. Inclusion or non inclusion on the Preferred Trader List does not in any way impart any rating of listings. This is a peer reviewed list and Aquafind will not be held responsible to ascertain the creditworthiness of a business or research any business details. Any disputes or claims against a trader must be sent to "Contact - Trader Listings " with details. You must be able to support all claims that you submit. We do not and will not arbitrate any claim and if they are proven to be correct, the trader understands that their name will be withdrawn from the list. The trader will be notified of the withdrawal and reason. A withdrawn trader will be excluded from the list for a minimum period of 12 months and may re-apply after that period.

By indicating "Send" you agree to the terms and agree to abide by all of the aforementioned rules.


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