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Ever wanted an aerator that requires No Maintenance, Provides Continuous Operation For 5 To 7 Years, Has No Power In The Water BUT provides you with Superior Oxygen Transfer AND Superior Flow Rates? After 5 years of development, our "Modern Air"™ Aerators provide all of the above and more! Our "Modern Air"™ Aerators are a non-corrosive airlift driven aerator that will pump from 6 to 20 million gallons of water per day. It will also produce from 3.5 to 11+ lbs of oxygen per hour (depending on the HP utilized). The renowned Dr. Claude Boyd with Auburn University has also tested and approved our innovative "Modern Air"™ Aerator!

Our "Modern Air"™ Aerators have no moving parts that provides for Maintenance Free Operation that will run continuous duty for at least 5 years. There are also NO Electrical Components In The Water which makes our "Modern Air"™ Aerators harmless for employees, farm visitors, and the like.

Traditional paddlewheel/surface aerator technology cannot compare as most units have much lower flow rates, they are extremely heavy, require tremendous amounts of maintenance and have the exposure of electricity in or near the water. All of these previous problems have now been resolved and improved upon with our "Modern Air"™ Aerators.

Each "Modern Air"™ Aerator is driven by Airlifts which require low pressure drop and offer amazing efficiency. Remember, it is much easier to pump water with air than to move it mechanically with a blade, paddle or other device. Our "Modern Air"™ Aerators are manufactured from High Quality PVC with UV inhibitors making each unit non-corrosive allowing for years of durability. Each aerator is operated by a Rotron Regenerative Blower which allows for NO Electrical Components In The Water providing for a safe operating environment. Our Rotron Regenerative Blowers will operate upwards of 7.5 to 10 years with no maintenance (except cleaning the air filters).

Due to the performance advantage our "Modern Air"™ Aerators provide with both the pumping rate (gpm) and transfer efficiency (Lbs O2/Hr), the HP Per Acre is usually Reduced By At Least 50%. However, most applications to date require much less HP (an average of 31% of the former HP used). Because our "Modern Air"™ Aerators are lightweight, they are very mobile allowing for them to be moved easily from pond to pond (if needed). All aerators have world voltage motors allowing for operation in any location in the world. Remote drive models are also available for operation with either a gasoline/diesel engine and/or by a PTO.

The savings our "Modern Air"™ Aerators provide our clients are endless and making it one of the key advantages. Due to superior performance, our clients will save significant amounts of money in Power Costs. On one farm, we are only using 19% of their former operating HP from paddlewheels and are saving them over $116,000.00 per year in power costs alone. This allows them to pay for their investment in the first year from the power savings alone. Keep in mind there are additional savings as you will not have any of the other ancillary costs associated with traditional paddlewheel and surface type aerators such as Maintenance and Repair Costs which are typically fairly high and frequent. Lastly, you now will have the Piece Of Mind that there is no potential for injury from electricity in the water, no bodily harm from blades/impellers and/or no damage to the animals from blades, etc. as our "Modern Air"™ Aerators have none of the above!

Our "Modern Air"™ Aerators are priced very competitively and come with every component needed for installation. When you analyze the cost per pond/per farm, our aerators are at or below the total cost per pond/per farm compared to competitive aerators. So you will have a reduction in capital costs (per pond/per farm) and will also realize significant savings in power and other costs. Each of our "Modern Air"™ Aerators come with the following:


After analyzing the total aerators needed per pond and per farm, our pricing is unbeatable. Unit discounts are also available for multiple unit purchases. We look forward to the opportunity to show you first hand how our "Modern Air"™ Aerators will benefit your operation and SAVE YOU MONEY!

We offer FREE systems design and will provide all clients with detailed Manifold Drawings, Proforma Invoice, System Objectives/Operations Letter, and a Financial Analysis. The Financial Analysis shows the potential client the tangible savings they will realize from switching to our "Modern Air" Aerators. In the analysis, we will show the HP Per Acre Difference, Cost Per Acre Difference, and the Power Savings Differential. This allows our clients to make an informed decision before any financial commitment. It also allows them to ensure they will receive the most efficient and cost effective systems that will offer the most management flexibility.

Our Engineering Department is always available to provide a FREE Systems Design so you can evaluate our "Modern Air"™ Aerators for your operation. For additional information CALL 305-248-4205 or FAX 305-248-1756. You can also visit our full service website at for our On-Line Catalog, Newsletter, Area In Action, and more. Call today to receive a FREE promotional video for our "Modern Air"™ Aerators!

1088 West Mowry Drive
Homestead, FL 33030
PHONE: 800-257-AREA (2732)
FAX: 305-248-1756

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