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New listings for sources of Equipment and Services for the Seafood and Aquaculture Fish industry.

New Aquaculture & Seafood
Equipment & Services Directory Listings

Mediterranean Floating Fish Cage

  • Oryza Organics (PVT) LTD - Lahore, Pakistan Oryza Organics (PVT) LTD - Lahore, Pakistan - 5/12/14 - Oryza Organics is specialized in fresh and marine water fish and shrimp feed and the Equine feeds. We have state of the art USA-made extruders installed and are based in the most fertile area of Pakistan with access to fresh raw materials. Our location is in the midst of the largest inland farming clusters in the country and being at the cross roads of Middle East, Central Asian Republics and South Asia, we are strategically positioned to cater the requirement of international customers of quality feed. The company relies on continuous R&D, improvement in FCR and the quality of water.

  • Bioo Scientific - Austin, Texas USA Bioo Scientific - Austin, Texas - 3/4/14 - Bioo Scientific offers a wide range of ELISAs and strip tests for the rapid detection of microbial and industrial contaminants, natural toxins, antibiotics and other veterinary drug residues in seafood. These include kits for the detection of histamine, benzo[a]pyrene, trifluralin, malachite green and phycotoxin residues. These kits are all ISO certified and manufactured to the international quality standard ISO 9001:2008.

  • Helmsman Quality & Technology Services Co., Ltd - Shanghai, China Helmsman Quality & Technology Services Co., Ltd - Shanghai, China - 2/20/14 - Accredited by CNAS against ISO17020 and ISO17025, licensed by AQSIQ and member of IFIA, HQTS is dedicated to the continuous improvement of food safety to ensure confidence in the delivery of quality foodstuffs to the global consumer as well as for brand protection. Equipped by 500+ qualified employees and about 70 branches in Asia, we can service your quality control needs.

  • Anchor Express - Stoughton, Massachusetts Anchor Express - Stoughton, Massachusetts - 2/6/14 - Anchor Express selection includes over 12,000 marine electronics, boating supplies, GPS, and outdoor products. Manufacturers represented in our product catalog include Garmin, Lowrance, Raymarine, ICOM, Standard Horizon, Furuno, Jabsco, and many more.

  • BIOTECON Diagnostics - Potsdam, Germany BIOTECON - Potsdam, Germany - 1/10/14 - BIOTECON Diagnostics was founded in 1998 and currently has 60 employees. Our company focuses on the development of rapid and innovative detection systems for pathogenic, spoilage and genetically modified organisms based on real-time PCR. Besides detection kits, the foodproof product line also includes kits for sample preparation. Our expertise is microbiological service testing of food, beverage and pharmaceutical products.

  • FFAZ - Mengen, Germany FFAZ - Mengen, Germany - 12/6/13 - Supplier of automatic fish feeders for ponds, tanks wiwth infinitely variable features. Whether trout, carp, tilapia, catfish and sturgeon for your fish just the best.

  • Meridian Finance Group - California, USA Meridian Finance Group - California, USA - 2/7/12 - Meridian Finance Group offers trade finance tools for exporters of seafood and other products. The diverse staff is multicultural and multilingual, with experience not only in trade finance and receivables insurance, but also exporting, importing, finance, credit, manufacturing, operations, logistics, and international distribution. Clients include large corporations, middle-market companies, and small businesses. We provide services to exporters, importers, and also companies who do business only in the USA, as well as banks, asset-based lenders, and other kinds of financial institutions.

  • Fleximas - Abbottsford Bromley, UK Fleximas - Abbottsford Bromley, UK - 2/2/12 - Fleximas supplies a large range of Aquaculture products directly from the Netten and Intermas factories, which are long lasting and durable. All products are made from 100% virgin polyethylene and polypropylene, with oxidation and UV protection applied. Products include oyster bags, mussel growing nets, packaging, nets for traps, lantern systems, predator nets, oriented netting, shade net, heavy duty sacks and more.

  • Food Certification International - Inverness, Scotland Food Certification International - Inverness, Scotland - 1/21/12 - Worldwide independant accredited third party inspection and certification: - MSC Sustainable Fishing Standard - MSC Chain of Custody Standard - GlobalGAP v4 Aquaculture - GlobalGAP Compound Feed Manufuacturers v2 - Second party supplier audits.

  • - Malta - Malta - 12/18/11 - aims to provide the complete recruitment solution to the global aquaculture industry. Whether it is fish or shellfish, freshwater or marine, technician or management, production or research, nutrition or pathology, hatchery or on-growing, engineering or sales, we can help you to fill or find that specialist post! has brought together experience both from the aquaculture and recruitment industries, so we are perfectly suited to provide you with the service you need.

  • WaluTech UG & Co. KG - Ochtrup, Germany WaLuTech - Ochtrup, Germany - 11/1/11 - We offer the whole range of filter media for trickle filters , submerged bed, moving bed. We offer material which is made from PVC, PP or PE and could offer for bigger projects special solutions to get the media for example assembled on site to save transport costs.

  • Drops & Bubbles Technologies - Sevilla, Spain Drops & Bubbles Technologies - Sevilla, Spain - 10/27/11 - D & B Technology S.L. is a R & D company specializing in energy saving when dealing with fluids. The offerings include Optimized Fluid designs for tanks and Oxygen Transfer methods and Patented High efficiency oxygenator devices. Other products include Cross-flow diffusers, diffusers for separation and micro-emulsions and micro-foam.

  • Multi Umwelttechnologie AG - Aue, Germany Multi Umwelttechnologie AG - Aue, Germany - 7/27/11 - Multi Umwelttechnologie AG supplies aquaculture companies with Mutag BioChip(TM) biofilter media for highest performance in biological water treatment. The carrier's large protected effective surface of 3,000 m2/m3 provides a highly efficient and stable nitrification process and is responding to the high water quality required by aquatic species.

  • Aqueous Consultants - Malmesbury, UK Aqueous Consultants - Malmesbury, UK - 6/4/11 - Aqueous Consultants design and project manage the building of fish farms around the world. They have extensive experience in recirculating (RAS) or flow through systems and freshwater or marine species. Further services include feasibility studies, impact assessments, habitat and biodiversity improvement and much much more.

  • Shellfish Treatments Ltd - Glasgow, UK Shellfish Treatments Ltd. - Glasgow, UK - 5/23/11 - Shellfish Treatments Ltd is a supplier to the Aquaculture and Seafood industry of products ranging from Antimicrobials, Bacterial Cleaners to Shellfish supplies. The ST 500 team, with over 50 years experience within the fishing, aquaculture and chemical development industries, have produced another winning formulation with their ST 500. This is a cost effective Sulphite free anti melanosis treatment for shrimp, prawns and shellfish.

    ST 500 anti melanosis treatment is widely used among the European fishing fleet and the global aquaculture industry, with particular success amongst the modern trawlers with freezing at sea capabilities, they appreciate the ease of use and higher quality end product.

  • Sunware GmbH & Co KG - USA Sunware GmbH & Co KG - USA - 2/1/11 - We manufacture touch screen based, end to end computer software for seafood processors, wholesalers, distributors, and importers. Our flagship product SeaTouch is designed solely for the seafood industry. As you can tell by the name, it utilizes touch screens which keep labor expenses way down and make training a breeze. It even runs on the Apple iPad.

  • Chiang Iron Machinery Co., Ltd - Taiwan Chiang Iron Machinery Co., Ltd - Taiwan - 11/8/10 - Established since 1968, Chiangiron is a professional manufacturer of Mixer and Vegetable Cutting Machines, Forming Machines, Beef Ball Forming Machines, Mini Smashers, Hydraulic Auto Tilting Blenders, Smashers, & High Speed Meat Mincers. They manufacture a Hydraulic auto tilting blender, suitable for making fish ball, meat ball, beef ball, chicken ball...etc. Floor standing design. Sanitation Approved. With its powerful motor, efficient and quiet transmission. Two options available - stainless steel type and ordinary type.

  • Borgarplast - Mosfellsbaer, Iceland Borgarplast - Mosfellsbaer, Iceland - 9/21/10 - Borgarplast is a major producer of Insulated Plastic Bulk Containers (also known as tubs, fish bins est.), Plastic Pallets and Plastic Bins. These products are widely used in the fish industry and have been developed by Borgarplast since 1971.

  • Unified Brands, Inc. - Jackson, Mississippi Unified Brands, Inc. - Jackson, Mississippi - 9/18/10 - FX Refrigeration Technology: holds precise temp of seafood, can go from refrigerator to freezer within the same drawer, can set the temp from - 5°F to +40°F. It eliminates the use of a fish file, extends shelf life of seafood. No more ice! Larger bulk storage capacity than standard drawer system, 90lbs of product in a single FX drawer vs 40lbs in standard 2-drawer.

  • Heywel Mechanical Co.,Ltd - Taoyuan, Taiwan Heywel Mechanical Co.,Ltd - Taoyuan, Taiwan - 8/22/10 - Heywel Mechanical Co., Ltd, founded in 1980, is a leading and professional manufacturer of Roots Blowers, Roots Vacuum Pumps, Positive Displacement Blowers, Dry vacuum pump, Booster and its relevant products and applications in Taiwan.

  • Compro International Corp. - Burlington, Ontario, Canada Compro International Corp. - Burlington, Ontario, Canada - 8/17/10 - Compro International is a leader in the design and manufacture of packaged systems and process modules. Their lines include degumming reactors, gums centrifuges, neutralizers, bleachers, oil dryers, soapstock splitting plants, hydrogenation systems, deaerators, deodorizers/steam refiners, distillate recovery systems and antioxidant addition systems for finished oils.

  • M.H.Chen�s Industrial Co., Ltd. (MHC) - Tainan Hsien,Taiwan M.H.Chen's Industrial Co., Ltd. (MHC) - Tainan Hsien,Taiwan - 8/3/10 - Established in the year 1980, M.H.Chen's Industrial Co., Ltd. (MHC) has been a dominant manufacturer and supplier in the commercial fishing equipment industry in Taiwan. MHC's extensive manufacturing capability allows for customized products as per request.

  • Trusted Translations - Falls Church, Virginia Trusted Translations - Falls Church, Virginia - 7/30/10 - Trusted Translations, Inc. is a leading American translation services agency that specializes in high volume and complex English - Spanish translations. All translations are performed by select teams of industry-expert translators who only translate into their native language. Due to our focus on Spanish translation services, we guarantee the highest quality translations at the most competitive price points in the industry.

  • XM Global SA - Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic XM Global SA - Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic - 6/14/10 - We are a consortium founded in 2005 with extensive experience in International Trade specially dedicated to the area of North, Central and South America, Europe and Asia with offices in Venezuela and the Dominican Republic.

  • Stark Products - Flushing, New York Stark Products - Flushing, New York - 6/11/10 - Manufactures lobster tanks & refrigerated seafood displays. Stark Fish Inc. provides wholesale seafood to institutional buyers, restaurants, grocery chains, distributers, and food product manufacturers. Stark Fish has been a recognized industry leader in the distribution of high quality, low cost bulk fish and seafoods shipping millions of pounds of seafood every year.

  • Ace Aquatec - Dingwall-Inverness United Kingdom Ace Aquatec - Dingwall-Inverness United Kingdom - 3/4/10 - We produce electrical stunning machines for the humane slaughter of a variety of commercial fish species, including trout, cod, halibut, turbot, seabass, bream, tilapia among others. 95% of UK trout passes through an Ace Aquatec stunner. Stunners allow up to 12 tons per hour. We also produce acoustic deterrents for fish farms, marine fishermen and the offshore industries.

  • Fischer Chemical Co., Ltd - Guangzhou, China Fischer Chemical Co., Ltd - Guangzhou, China - 12/23/09 - Fischer Chemical Ltd. is a certified supplier of APIs & intermediate, Herbal Medicine, Food Additives, Cosmetics Raw Materials, Laboratory Instrument & Chemicals, PVC Modifier, Aquaculture equipments, etc.

  • Urner Barry Publications - Toms River, New Jersey, USA Urner Barry Publications - Toms River, New Jersey, USA - 12/11/09 - We are a publishing company that reports daily prices in the food industry. We do report seafood pricing. We have a report called Foreign Trade Data that gives detailed info each and every waterborne shipment of seafood along with import/export names, volumes, etc....We have all different types of subscriptions, and sell books, charts, etc....

  • Fraser Hydraulics - Newcastle upon Tyne, U.K. Fraser Hydraulics - Newcastle upon Tyne, U.K. - 8/26/09 - Fraser Hydraulics are dedicated to cable laying and hydraulic power supplies (subsea, marine, offshore). We also specialise in test and fatigue rigs. We supply power packs, tracked cable engines and drum engines.

  • Schlumberger Water Services - Waterloo, Canada Schlumberger Water Services - Waterloo, Canada - 7/13/09 - Schlumberger Water Services develops innovative groundwater and environmental technologies in fields such as: groundwater modeling, groundwater monitoring instrumentation, multi- level monitoring well completions, MODFLOW, environment data management, water quality analysis and management, pumping test data analysis, groundwater flow modeling, and groundwater remediation techniques.

  • John Kowarsky & Associates - South Yarra, Australia John Kowarsky & Associates - South Yarra, Australia - 7/13/09 - K Box Cones are an exciting new product which allow you to inexpensively and easily set up an efficient system for holding live fish and aquatic animals.

  • ETEC S.A. - Cartagena, Colombia ETEC S.A. - Cartagena, Colombia - 6/18/09 - We are a company that supplies solutions for water management problems in aqueducts, agricultural and aquicultural farms, flood control and irrigation systems. We have applied all our efforts and engineering capability to the creation and fabrication of the most efficient and reliable equipment.

  • Packaging Technologies & Inspection - Tuckahoe, New York Packaging Technologies & Inspection - Tuckahoe, New York - 6/10/09 - PTI Packaging Systems provides top-tier solutions for food packaging from manufacturing & distribution, R & D and complete start-to-finish engineering and project management. Our core competencies and focus is to provide end-to-end packaging solutions for new and existing project requirements for pouch, sachet, stick pack, cup and tray filling & sealing applications, retort sterilization etc.

  • Great Lakes Bio Systems Inc - Sturtevant Wisconsin Great Lakes Bio Systems Inc - Sturtevant Wisconsin - 5/11/09 - Great Lakes Bio Systems Inc. is a manufacturer of broad-based enzymatic formulations for aquaculture, including digestive enzymes for fish and shrimp feed. We provide sustainable, cost-conscious and eco-friendly solutions to today's problems confronting animal health, feeding and nutrition, soils, water treatment, ecology and crop science.

  • Igloo Van - Norwalk, California Igloo Van - Norwalk, California - 4/2/09 - Transport refrigeration sales, parts, and services. Mfg rep of fiberglass refrigerated bodies of trucks.

  • Alianza con la Biosfera SA de CV - Del Benito Juarez, Mexico Alianza con la Biosfera SA de CV - Del Benito Juarez, Mexico - 3/31/09 - Alibio produces specific mixtures of microorganisms using fermentation biotechnology for the aquaculture industry to offer solutions in the degradation of organic matter and pathogen control to improve the quality of water, sediment, and improved health of the species cultivated.

  • Bestar Inc - Doneck,Ukraine Bestar Inc. - Doneck,Ukraine - 3/27/09 - Aquaculture, recirculating aquaculture systems RAS, complete systems for fish and marine shrimp or individual components, eggs Huso huso, eggs sturgeon, Acipenser. fish farm & hatchery equipment.

  • AGINTEC - Rheinberg-Orsoyerberg, Germany AGINTEC - Rheinberg-Orsoyerberg, Germany - 3/11/09 - AGINTEC produce and sell complete Integrated-Recirculation-Aquaculture-Systems (IRAS) for intensive, but ecological Indoor-Fishfarming. It provides also Marketing, Consulting and Training courses.

  • ANC Enzyme Solutions P/L - Singapore ANC Enzyme Solutions P/L - Singapore - 3/3/09 - ANC produces a number of alternative seafood processing additives: Phosphates and Non- Phosphates, Glaze Stabilizers for IQF Shrimp, Specialty Anti- Oxidants to stop Black tail and Black Spot which are a substitute for Sodium Meta Bi- Sulfite. Products for the production of Fish and Shrimp Meal are also available.

  • Polybags Ltd - Greenford, Middlesex, UK Polybags Ltd - Greenford, Middlesex, UK - 2/17/09 - Supplier of Fish Bags with water tight seals.

  • Aquaticas Construction - Homestead, Florida Aquaticas Construction - Homestead, Florida - 1/7/09 - Aquaticas Construction was established to provide vertically integrated solutions to Zoos, Public Aquariums and Water Theme Parks with all of their needs for Aquatic Life Support Systems providing solutions to every aspect of a project whether a New Exhibit, New Facility or Exhibit Retrofitting.


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