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New listings for sources of Equipment and Services for the Seafood and Aquaculture Fish industry worldwide.

New Aquaculture & Seafood
Equipment & Services Directory Listings

  • Forberg International AS - Larvik, Norway Forberg International AS - Larvik, Norway - 11/13/08 - Founded in 1973 as an engineering company, FORBERG is the synonym for twin shaft paddle mixers. As the inventor of the mixer with the weightless zone they have diversified the principle in a wide range of exciting products like Batch Mixers, Rotating Vacuum Coaters/Mixers for maximum liquid addition, Continuous Mixers, Drying Systems and the Heat Treatment System. We offer solutions for almost every industry.

  • SKS Science Products - Watervliet, NY SKS Science Products - Watervliet, NY - 11/13/08 - SKS Science offers thousands of labware containers, closures, scales, balances and lab supplies, which are available in our online catalog.

  • Flying Dutchman Marine - Netherlands Flying Dutchman Marine - Nethelands - 11/6/08 - Suppliers of mussel farming equipment like, mussel floats, mussel ropes, spat collecting ropes, cotton socks, debyssing machines, grading machines, declumping machines, re seeding machines.

  • TRJ Refrigeration, Inc. - Oxnard, California TRJ Refrigeration, Inc. - Oxnard, California - 10/23/08 - TRJ Refrigeration offers custom solutions with ice storage and ice injectors for seafood. With our efficient precooling systems seafood is preserved for quality and freshness. Quickly precooling fish and shell fish is critical to maintaining freshness and increasing shelf life. TRJ's patented Posi-Jector Liquid Ice Injection System eliminates hand shoveling and provides salted or salt free liquid ice efficiently, saving time and labor.

  • Aquacare Environment Inc - Bellingham, Washington Aquacare Environment Inc - Bellingham, Washington - 10/8/08 - Controlled environment fish farm systems, designs and products. Includes recirculating aquaculture systems, land based.

  • Narsipur Chemicals Pvt Ltd - India Narsipur Chemicals Pvt Ltd - India - 10/3/08 - Manufacturers and suppliers of Aquaculture Disinfectants and Sanitisers used in Fish and Shrimp Farming.

  • M.H.Chen's Industrial Co., Ltd - Taiwan M.H.Chen's Industrial Co., Ltd - Taiwan - 9/2/08 - We are a Taiwan based leading manufacturer of commercial fishing gears. With over 20 years of experience in the commercial fishing industry, we specialize in manufacturing tuna longline snaps, fishing swivels, hooks& imitation baits, crimps & accessories. We also have products available through our associated suppliers.

  • Aquaculture Farming Technology - Venray, Netherlands Aquaculture Farming Technology - Venray, Netherlands - 8/12/08 - The company maintains a research bio-secure shrimp farm. Our mission is to create a well balanced, minimum exchange bio-floc farm system for shrimp and other crustaceans. We can help you to design and construct your indoor and outdoor shrimp farm world-wide. Our expertise is bio-floc shrimp farming. Also we can assist to upgrade and improving your old farm.

  • Rainwater Tanks International - Carrum Downs, Australia Rainwater Tanks International - Carrum Downs, Australia - 7/18/08 - Australian based company with a company owned manufacturing plant in China. We manufacture extruded polyethylene mesh for the aquaculture industry, various sizes - from "spat" growing (1.5mm hole size) to larger mesh to 20mm holes size. Also any rotomoulded products such as large bins, tubs, insulated bins, vats, etc.

  • Riverforest Corporation - Escondido California, USA Riverforest Corporation - Escondido California, USA - 7/18/08 - Micro Nano Bubble generators. The most efficient aeration method. Save energy cost greatly. Keeping DO adequately and consistently.

  • Trusted Translations, Inc. - Falls Church, Virginia, USA Trusted Translations, Inc. - Falls Church, Virginia, USA - 6/13/08 - Leading American translation services agency that specializes in high volume and complex English - Spanish translations. All of our translations are performed by select teams of industry-expert translators who only translate into their native language.

  • Bossman Instruments Technology - Bangalore, India Bossman Instruments Technology - Bangalore, India - 6/9/08 - One of the leading ISO 9001:2000 certified company in the field of manufacturing Compressed air Purification products,process filter equipments, Air Dryers,Automobile filters,Oil & hydraulic filteration products to meet specific customer requirements.

  • Alario Bros - Westwego, Louisiana, USA Alario Bros - Westwego, Louisiana, USA - 6/5/08 - A family owned and operated business specializing in the shrimp and fish industry for the past 50 years. We carry one of the largest inventories of commercial shrimping and fishing supplies in the world.

  • Storm Products Company - Dallas, Texas, USA Storm Products Company - Dallas, Texas, USA - 5/27/08 - Manufacturer of cables, connectors, moldings, splices, umbilical assemblies and termination services for marine environments with assembly production facilities located in the US and Mexico.

  • NutraKol Pty Ltd - Mullaloo, Australia NutraKol Pty Ltd - Mullaloo, Australia - 4/30/08 - Natural health solutions for aqutic animals. Tailor made nutritional solutions to aquaculture including: live feed enrichments, species specific enrichments, and broodstock additves. Semi moist diets for crustaceans. NutraPlus - Liquid feeds for marine ornamentals. Natural carotenoids (liquid and powder).

  • Sepang Today Aquaculture Centre - Sepang, Malaysia Sepang Today Aquaculture Centre - Sepang, Malaysia - 4/25/08 - Sepang Today Aquaculture Centre is an internationally recognized private aquafarming human resources development and training school in Malaysia. The centre serves the aquafarming industries for Malaysia and other parts of the world and are recognized for their achievements and performance from STAC alumni's farms from Saudi Arabia Red Sea Tiger Prawn Farm, Seychelles Marketing Board Tiger Prawn Farm, Seahorse Corporation Tiger Prawn Farm and Central Cold Storage Kuching Tiger Prawn Farm at Sarawak, and many individual farms from Brunei, Vietnam, Indonesia and Malaysia.

  • Seafood iCe Solutions - Los Altos, California Seafood iCe Solutions - Los Altos, California - 3/27/08 - BacSafe™ Seafood iCe Solutions' mission is to assist seafood producers in improving the quality and safety of the seafood products they produce by supplying them with world-class antimicrobial solutions. These products are organic, FDA approved and environmentally friendly, leaving no harmful residues on your product. Bacsafe™ is designed to protect your product during harvest, processing and transportation.

  • Geneglace - York, Pennsylvania Geneglace - York, Pennsylvania - 3/6/08 - GENEGLACE offers the broadest range of Ice Machines and Ice Makers including On Board Systems for Commercial Fishing, Flake Ice Systems, Ice Packs, Ice Generators and Compressors as wells as orbital silo storage bins with automated ice delivery.

  • Shanagarf Co. Ltd - Tehran, Iran Shanagarf Co. Ltd - Tehran, Iran - 2/28/08 - We are an engineering co. which one of our main activities is on fish, shrimp & other seafood processing as well as aquaculture in Iran, Middle East & abroad. Based on more than 25 years of experiments in such industries in tropic & subtropic regions as well as in moderate climates we can offer consultancy, project designing, project management, suppling equipments & more.

  • Aqua-Manna - Ladoga, Indiana Aqua-Manna - Ladoga, Indiana - 2/14/08 - Aqua-Manna has been a leader in aquaculture equipment for over 15 years. The company has received national acclaim for their innovative systems and quality sea food products. The company's proprietary systems and components have been featured in USA Today, the Wall Street Journal, are used for research at Virginia Tech University, and utilized by farmers, wastewater treatment facilities, and garden pond owners throughout the United States.

  • Crimond Enterprises Ltd - Canada Crimond Enterprises Ltd - Canada - 1/23/08 - Canadian owned, Crimond Enterprises Ltd. is a unique kind of fishing gear company offering a comprehensive range of products, equipment and ideas to the mobile, and fixed gear sectors of the Fishing Industry. We specialize in the design and construction of species selective fishing gear and selectivity devices.

  • Siang May Pte Ltd - Singapore Siang May Pte Ltd - Singapore - 1/15/08 - Fishing gear and Tackle of diverse range and for application into commercial fishing, sports, aquaculture, safety purposes...etc. Siang May Pte Ltd can also tailor-make nets as per your specific requirements and wherever economically viable. The sister arm of Siang May Pte Ltd is FirstDart Fishing Tackle which handles the sports fishing arm of the company.

  • Rena Aquatic Supplies - Charolette, North Carolina Rena Aquatic Supplies - Charolette, North Carolina - 1/3/08 - Rena OEM Sales is the commercial market distributor of products manufactured by Rena SA, France and Arteich Industries. We can supply fluid pumps from 80 gph to 2650 gph flow with lifts up to 20 feet. We also supply Rena air pumps with flows from 50 liters per hour up to 325 liters per hour and maximum pressure of 5 psi. Originally developed for the serious aquarium hobbyist, the heavy-duty construction, innovative design and easy customization have allowed these pumps to replace pumps, in some instances, costing five times as much.

  • AFOS - Hessle, UK AFOS - Hessle, UK - 12/19/07 - Afos is one of the worlds leading manufacturers of specialist equipment for the food processing industry. We have over 60 years experience of the design and manufacture of food smoking kilns, defrosters and assocated equipment. We can supply an individual piece of equipment or design and construct an entire smokehouse. All our equipment can be tailor made to meet your requirements.

  • AquaSolutions Biotech - Malaga, Spain AquaSolutions Biotech - Malaga, Spain - 11/13/07 - "AquaSolutions Biotech", offers research and development services oriented to aquaculture enterprises. AquaSolutions Biotech puts into the hands of its clients the latest and most accurate advice, techniques and knowledge in the areas of Genetics, Molecular Biology, Microbiology, Physiology, Histology, Nutrition, Zootechnic, Environmental impact studies plus Consulting: Advice, coordination and collaboration in the development of R & D + i.

  • Amigo Foods - Cochin, India Amigo Foods - Cochin, India - 11/10/07 - Amigo supplies Seafood in international market, on a regular basis, from the reputed and reliable Indian and Gulf, Eu approved, HACCP implemented and FDA listed Factories.

  • MODORI Corporation - Busan, Republic Korea MODORI Corporation - Busan, Republic Korea - 11/9/07 - MODORI Corporation sells Freezer Pans, Fish Grading Machines, Used Seafood Machinery, Conveyors, etc...

  • BioFeed - Arizona, USA BioFeed - Arizona, USA - 11/6/07 - BioFeed Probiotics, Inc. has developed an advanced line of liquid biotech products that solve a variety of problems associated with landscape, agriculture, aquaculture, and environmental concerns. The formulations are produced using a balanced combination of biological extracts, including enzymes, intracellular extracts, organic acids, carbohydrates, proteins and nutrients.

  • Upsorb B.V. - Netherlands Upsorb B.V. - Netherlands - 10/30/07 - Absorbents for fish packaging. Specialists in air freight systems including gel ice.

  • AquaBioTech Group - Malta AquaBioTech Group - Malta - 10/15/07 - Consultancy services, Feed & larvi trials, research, development of aquaculture/testing facility in compact environment. Also we are agents for OxyGuard AS, Evolution Aquaculture, RoxAnne, Saeplast / Promens systems.

  • Tharos Ltda. - Chile Tharos Ltda. - Chile - 10/11/07 - Fisheries Consultant World expert in Krill and other fishery consultancy, including on-board processing, marketing and logistic aspects for the Seafood Industry.

  • XyRex Ltd United Kingdom XyRex Ltd., - United Kingdom - 9/13/07 - Design, manufacture and supply of Xyrex shelf life enhancing processing aids. Products for all seafood and the innovative XyRex PrawnFresh, the superior non-residual sodium meta bisulphite replacement. All products are fully compliant with food legislation.

  • Schlumberger Water Services Canada Schlumberger Water Services Canada - 9/12/07 - Schlumberger Water Services offers dynamic Groundwater monitoring and modeling software fully supported by a wide range of groundwater training courses and renowned groundwater consulting services.

  • Enviro Action Norwood South Australia Enviro Action Norwood South Australia - 9/11/07 - Finally effective and affordable help for the seafood industry to cope with all the demands for environmental, safety and HACCP..................... ?..all these plus the ability to demonstrate legal compliance, easily and time effectively included in one simple system. Online award wining training cuts travel time. You get weekly workbooks and audio files plus weekly teleconferencing.

  • Colorite Aero-Tube Austin Texas Colorite Aero-Tube - Austin, Texas - 9/6/07 - Colorite's AeroTube provides a cost-effective, high efficiency, high performance water aeration solution for aquaculture systems being commercialized today. AeroTube has numerous applications in these systems, including grow-out ponds, raceways and partitioned aquaculture systems, recirculating systems, hatcheries, cage culture and live haul trucks.

  • Fishcommex South Africa - South Africa - 6/12/07 - is a hosted web-based trading market for African and Global Seafood Commodities, providing real-time trading and auction functionality to service the requirements of all suppliers, service providers and buyers.

  • Asianeps Industrial Co Ltd China Asianeps Industrial Co., Ltd. - China - 6/8/07 - Manufacturer and exporter of monofilament and multifilament fishing nets, twines and ropes.

  • Polymer Papers Limited India Polymer Papers Limited - India - 5/30/07 - Filter manufacturing, filter testing equipment, filter manufacturing equipment, filter testing machines, filter manufacturing machines, filter testing machinery, filter manufacturing machinery from India.

  • Steen Internatinal Belgium STEEN FPM International NV - Belgium - 5/23/07 - Established in 1960, STEEN is an export-oriented company which brings specialized machines for the fish industry on the market.

  • Mazda Speciality Machine Systems India Mazda Speciality Machine Systems - India - 5/20/07 - We are a rapidly expanding Mumbai based, Indian project engineering company implementing complete sea food processing and packaging projects in Asia and Africa.

  • Hung Star Enterprise Corp Taiwan Hung Star Enterprise Corp. - Taiwan - 5/17/07 - Manufacturer of Aquaculture machinery including shrimp selecting machines, paddle wheel aerators, automatic fish feeders, air injectors, feed mixers, moisture pellet machines and more.

  • Kroma A/S Denmark Kroma A/S - Denmark - 5/16/07 - Kroma works primarily within the fish industry where their gutting machines are sold throughout the world. They are mostly known for designing and producing turnkey plants for the fish industry, especially high-quality gutting machines. Today Kroma produces gutting machines for both small and large fish, and the production of intelligent gutting machines.

  • Ashworth Brothers Virgina Ashworth Bros., Inc. - Virgina - 5/16/07 - Manufacturer of metal, plastic and hybrid style conveyor belts for straight run, turn curve and spiral system conveyor applications.

  • Sun Asia Aeration Int'l Co., Ltd. - Taiwan - 4/24/07 - Aquaculture Equipment: Paddlewheel Aerators, Rotation Aerators, Air- Injectors, Automatic Feeders, Rings/Roots Blowers, and Water Pumps, Automatic Grits Manufacturing Machines, Mixer Machines, Fish Chopping Machines, Fish Mincing Machines, HDPE Pond Liner, Power Control Panels, Electrical Cables.

  • Nanrong International TaiwanNanrong International Corp. - Taiwan - 4/6/07 - Established in 2001 manufacturing feed factory production equipment, aquatic products processing factory equipment, farming equipment, plastic coating, providing farming equipment, feed, equipment, aquatic products processing factory output, to the aquaculture industry as a whole.

  • Mila Foreign Trade Turkey Mila Foreign Trade Co. - Turkey - 3/30/07 - Mila is located in Istanbul, Turkey. Their main activities are Marketing/Purchasing information & Export/Import agency services for exporters, manufacturers, importers who want to sell/buy their products and services to/from Turkish Markets including business guidance for the business persons visiting Turkey.

  • YSI Ohio YSI Inc. - Ohio - 3/26/07 - YSI Inc. offers a full line of monitoring products, systems, and services for water quality and water velocity data. Our multiparameter instruments, aquaculture monitoring systems, handheld sampling instruments, level monitoring instruments, and complete line of water velocity products can be incorporated into any of your monitoring or sampling applications.

  • Sinoglow Industrial Company China Sinoglow Industrial Co., Limited - China - 3/16/07 - Sinoglow produces the high output light lumen commercial fishing 4 and 6 inch light sticks for long line fishing industry. Until now Sinoglow was selling industrial grade fishing light sticks from South Africa, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Japan, Australia, Europe and USA.

  • Aeromatic Aalborg Aps Denmark Aeromatic Aalborg Aps - Denmark - 3/7/07 - Diffusion for every need. Aeromatic Aalborg ApS specialises in the production of individually adapted diffusion systems for a wide variety of purposes. The diffusion systems are ideal for all kinds of tasks from ventilating biological water treatment plants to preventing blockages in silos.

  • Fischtechnik Germany Fischtechnik - Germany - 3/2/07 - Fischtechnik offers all necessary technology and components to ensure modern and economic fish production. Latest filter technique to treat sewage water caused by fish enables high yielding fish production even under strictest environmental conditions. They will plan and be in charge of your individual projects like new buildings or alterations of already existing installations from the very beginning up to the phase of production.

  • Tecfish Argentina Tecfish - Argentina - 2/27/07 - Tecfish offers an integral approach for the design, the construction and the operation of projects of production of fish. Respecting the environmental aspects, of public health, labor security and final quality of the product. Tecfish implements advising of complete production, from ovas to the harvest, adjusting to the specific site of the client and the local conditions.

  • eProfit4u Israel - Israel - 2/18/07 - Intensive recirculating aquaculture systems-Zero-Discharge Fully-Closed saltwater and freshwater intensive recirculating systems for growing edible and ornamental fish. Operated anywhere without regard to any external environmental factors.

  • Alps Synergy Enterprise Malaysia Alps Synergy Enterprise - Malaysia - 2/16/07 - Located in Kota, Kinabalu, Sabah, East Malaysia, their manufacturing plant produces single & double-walled plastic thermal insulated boxes. These are long-term usage products which are focused on the seafood industries of Malaysia.

  • Seatrade International New Hampshire Seatrade International Co., Inc. - New Hampshire - 2/13/07 - SEATRADE is both a processor and exporter of fish and shellfish from the waters of New England and the mid-Atlantic regions of Virginia and Maryland. In business since 1982, processing is conducted in their HACCP approved plants in New Bedford, Massachusetts and Portsmouth, New Hampshire. To ensure greater quality control, they freeze their scallops and other species from the Atlantic Ocean in their own plate freezers. Fresh seafood is sent by airfreight daily to major European and U.S. cities to both retail and institutional buyers with a full range of custom freezing and packaging.

  • Jiangsu Muyang Group China Jiangsu Muyang Group Co., Ltd. - China - 2/10/07 - With its headquarters in the historic city of Yangzhou, Jiangsu Muyang Group Co., Ltd has since its founding in 1967 grown into a well-known group corporation whose activities cover research & development, project design, manufacturing, installation and services in a multitude of industries including feed machinery and engineering, grain storage engineering, grain milling machinery and engineering, enviroment protection, conveying equipment and the related industrial automatic.

  • aquaFuture e.k. Germany aquaFUTURE e.K. - Germany - 2/5/07 - aquaFuture is a management and consultancy company that provides advice on watercourse husbandry, fish breeding, fishfarming, recirculation systems, accompaniment at resettlement activities, and scientific advice, where required regarding water husbandry, viewing the site where freshwater fish are, providing freshwater fish planning concepts to cover many years, spawn breeding and reproduction of native fish species and forms, wage-earning breeding of sensitive and difficult to produce fish species, support in microbiological test and exami- nation of water courses and fish stocks.

  • AquaScan AS Norway AquaScan AS - Norway - 2/5/07 - Aquascan produces and delivers the AquaScan Fish counter to customers throughout the world. The AquaScan Fishcounter is based on a patented measuring principle developed by Torbjorn Kvassheim in 1989 as part of his thesis work at the Regional University in Stavanger, Norway. This measuring principle represents a new method of counting in which the distance between any number of objects passing the sensor is no longer relevant. The counters fill all requirements for counting of all fish within the fish farming industry.

  • Area Inc USA Area - USA - 2/3/07 - In business for over 37 years, Area has provided over 5,000 products for Aeration, Water Pumping, Water Filtration, Heating and Chilling systems. They provide free systems design for all systems. Their 120+ page free catalog is also available upon request. Other services available include Consulting, Bid Specifying, Installation and much more.

  • Nezhyn Mechanical Factory Ukraine Nezhyn Mechanical Factory - Ukraine - 2/1/07 - Nezhyn mechanical factory has been supplying fishmeal equipment for the last fifty years. Their machines process raw fish and fish waste into fishmeal of high quality. During processing the protein in fishmeal is not burnt or destroyed. The units are complete with rotor-disc dryers (they are used in 90% of fishmeal production). The dryers have heavy-duty design and their lifetime is up to 20 years. Rotor-disk dryers help to make the fishmeal quality better, having low steam and electric consumption. Due to compact construction the units require minimum space and are designed to be installed in the shortest time onboard fishing boats and in coastal fish processing factories.

  • Watersmith Systems USA WaterSmith Systems Div. - USA - 1/23/07 - Aquaculture and pond equipment and supplies. Fountains, aerators, blowers, recirculating aquaculture systems RAS, and commercial consulting.

  • Iwaki America USA Iwaki America - USA - 1/23/07 - Iwaki America manufactures high-purity metering pumps, chemical delivery pumps, re-circulation pumps and non-metallic magnetic drive centrifugal pumps and systems. The world leader in small magnetically coupled centrifugal pump technology, they offer the premier line of non-metallic centrifugal pumps. Extraordinarily high efficiencies, compact, quiet, and highly efficient pumps, Iwaki America pumps offer higher pressure, and last longer than any traditional offerings.

  • Weighpack Systems Canada Weighpack Systems - Canada - 1/12/07 - Weighpack is a manufacturer of a complete line of automated packaging equipment including horizontal and vertical bagger, linear and combination scale, conveyors and hoppers for both food and non- food industries.

  • Filtration & Membrane World LLC - Belgium - 12/26/06 - Filtration and Membrane World LLC is dedicated to solving complex separation problems through innovative and cost effective solutions. Filtration and Membrane World develops and sells membranes and the know-how to solve process related problems in their entirety. Through European partners and their long and vast experience, they are in a position to offer customers complete solutions to their wastewater, product recovery and ingredients purification problems. Their membranes are robust, efficient and versatile. They are made to reduce your operating costs and increase your profitability. The areas covered are Microfiltration, Ultrafiltration, Nanofiltration and Reverse Osmosis.

  • L.G.V. Systems Ltd. - Israel - 12/19/06 - L.G.V Systems is an Israeli-based company, established in 1992, which develops computerized systems for the business sector and has developed administration & operation ERP programs for various Israeli companies in different fields. In the last 4 years the company is focusing and professionalizing just in the aquaculture sector. The MEYDAG system was developed in cooperation with fish and aquaculture experts from the world and from Israel where many fish farms sought to optimize their operations using the latest in ERP technologies of LGV Ltd. Meydag is fully flexible and supports all types of water creatures and all growing techniques ( Ponds, Cages, Ropes, Intensive, Super-Intensive ect.)

  • Exos - Sweden - 12/11/06 - For fish processors striving for better deboning, the Swedish company Exos offers a complete range of pin bone removers with speed, yield and efficiency. The new handheld Exos-220E has proved to work in almost twenty different fish species, including Great silver smelt, Pike Perch, Coho, Sockeye salmon, Atlantic Salmon, Perch, Rainbow Trout, Char, Mackerel and Hake. Bigger industries whom already have an automatic pin bone machine, can use it for after-control, removing the bones that are left. Or when you sometimes have a smaller quantity fish to debone, it can be more profitable to use handmachines due to the much shorter cleaning time of the Exos equipment. A demonstration is shown on their main page.

  • Forestry Suppliers, Inc. - USA - 12/5/06 - Forestry Suppliers, Inc. is a worldwide catalog distributor that has been serving outdoor professionals for more than fifty years. With over 9,000 items in-stock they can outfit your work detail or your entire organization.

  • Atlantech Companies - Canada - 11/29/06 - Atlantech Companies supply top quality engineering, design and project management services, specifically tailored to meet the unique demands of the aquaculture, fish and food processing industries. They provide equipment and systems in the areas of water supply, water filtration, water recirculation, temperature control, disinfection and wastewater treatment. From simple systems to complete turnkey operations such as broodstock facilities, egg incubation and early rearing facilities, smolt production facilities and, live lobster and processing facilities.

  • Yunker Plastics Inc. - USA - 11/21/06 - Yunker Plastics is a fabricator and distributor of reinforced HDPE and EPDM materials used in Lake and Pond manufacturing and installation; Water Gardens; Landscaping; Fish Farming; Pond Liners; Canal Liners; Manure Lagoons and HVAC Fabric Air Duct systems and diffusers. Established in 1988, they also offer consulting as well as full installation.

  • Go Deep International Inc. - Canada - 11/21/06 - Atlantic Canada's largest manufacturer and distributor of Navigation Buoys, Solar Navigation Lights and Shellfish Aquaculture equipment. Incorporated in 1997 Go Deep International has serviced customers locally and internationally by developing new products to meet their specific needs. A complete line of shellfish aquaculture and grow-out materials and equipment used for farming mussels, oysters, scallops and clams. Mussel socking cotton and polyethylene, plastic suspension buoys, shellfish holding systems, aquaculture rope, mussel disks, spat bags, netron, lantern nets and floating docks. Everything needed by shellfish producers. They ship to major markets throughout North America and globally.

  • Rainbow Fish Consultants - Netherlands - 11/21/06 - Rainbow Fish started as an importer of fish in 1990 from Sri Lanka. Having gained experience in the import of Victoria perch from Uganda, marine fish from Ghana, Peru, Indonesia, Philippines, Maldives and many other countries and to accommodate requests for assistance from other parties, like fish processors from developing countries, a separate company was set up, Rainbow Fish Consultants. They have been involved in projects around the world as the initiator and coordinator and with the cooperation from leading Dutch research institutes as Wageningen-UR and IDC, and training institutes like IAC (International Agriculture Center) and ROC.

  • Steen F.P.M. International - Belgium - 9/26/06 - Steen is a well known name in the food processing industry, established in 1960, they are an export-oriented company bringing specialized machines for the fish and poultry industry to the market. Steen offers an extensive range of skinning equipment, processing equipment, weighing equipment and grading equipment for the fish processing industry.

  • Aquatic Eco-Sustems, Inc. - USA - 9/20/06 - Supplier of equipment to the aquatic industry, supplying aquatic equipment and supplies for over 25 years. The company is staffed with biologists and aquatic technicians to effectively service their customers. Their products range from Algae & Zooplankton to heaters, lab equipment, tanks, hatchery supplies and much more for the aquatic industry.

  • Inter Aqua Advance ApS - Denmark - 9/19/06 - Inter Aqua Advance ApS offers a wide range of products and services, providing customers with the benefit of more than 25 years’ experience in land-based industrial recirculation fish farming systems. Their product portfolio ranges from standardized and custom-designed industrial-scale recirculation aquaculture systems (RAS) to patented Clearwater Low-Space Bioreactors and unique Curler Advance bio-media.

  • BioNovations Inc. - Canada - 9/6/06 - BioNovations manufacture live seafood holding and transport systems. Their holding systems come in three configurations designed to fit the live holding needs of retailers, restaurants and wholesaler operations no matter what their size. Their insulated tanks are made from food grade polyethylene and are energy efficient. The systems are capable of holding a wide variety of live seafood, and are available with a variety of optional filtration components, such as UV and Ozone sterilization, aeration equipment, and Titanium heaters and chillers. The Live Seafood Transport System, allows for transport of seafood over an extended period of time.

  • Spectral Innovations Ltd. - Canada - 8/17/06 - Ultraviolet water disinfection equipment designed for the Aquaculture Industry. Equipment uses high performance, long-life, Amalgam lamp technology and high efficiency electronic ballasts. Electropolished 316 Stainless Steel UV Reactor construction. Control System PLC monitors operational status and reports alarms via an RS-485 multidrop communications link.

  • Feed Machinery Directory - Australia - 8/3/06 - The web's leading website for feed machinery. Find news, jobs, articles and other information for feed milling and processing equipment, including: Hammer mills, pellet mills, extruders, mixers, dosing systems, etc. They also have a comprehensive directory of feed machinery manufacturers and feed producers and feed ingredient machinery.

  • FPZ - Mexico - 7/20/06 - Since 1975, FPZ has been supplying on a world-wide basis regenerative/side-channel blowers for the movement of air and technical gases. Thousands of FPZ blowers are working in a variety of applications: from commercial to industrial installations, in food processing to pharmaceuticals.

  • Drewer's Commercial Fishing Importers - Australia - 7/12/06 - Largest supplier of quality commercial fishing gear, longline & dropline gear in Australia, family owned and run business has been in the commercial fishing industry for 30 years. Also supplying many different fisheries, hook fishermen, rock lobster, game, sports fishermen, lure makers etc through out the world. Sending commercial fishing gear & sports fishing gear worldwide from their own warehouse in Mooloolaba Australia or shipping directly from manufacturers.

  • Andritz Sprout - Denmark - 7/11/06 - The Andritz Feed and Biofuel Business is today the worlds largest concern for the development, manufacture and sales of processing machines and systems for the industrial production of high quality animal feeds. The Andritz Feed and Biofuel Division supplies complete production lines for all kinds of extruded feeds. The most important technology developments have to a large extent been to improve the extrusion features, enabling repeatability, consistency and flexibility when formulating to include Aquatic feed; salmon, shrimps a. o. Complete Aqua feed production lines, incl. proportioning, grinding, mixing, extrusion, drying, coating, cooling and process automation.

  • AquaBioTech Group - Malta - 7/2/06 - AquaBioTech Group is an independent Aquaculture, Fisheries and Environmental consulting and development company operating globaly with clients and projects in over 35 countries.

  • AquaAsia - Thailand - 6/29/06 - AquaAsia is a consortium of aquaculture expertise around Asia based in Bangkok, Thailand. The group pursues novel goal of human resources development through consultancy, training and cross cultural visit of aquaculture professionals and farmers in the region. Their experts and associates make available and provide high class applied and theoretical knowledge of aquaculture technology to AquaAsia's clients.

  • Aucxis Trading Solutions - Belgium - 6/29/06 - Market leaders in designing and implementing tailor-made electronic trading systems for the agro and fishing industries: computerised auction rooms, mobile auction systems, remote bidding over the internet: orders systems, electronic mediation, tender, auction clock, electronic trading networks.

  • Myron L Company - USA - 6/28/06 - The Myron L Company, founded in 1957, is a privately owned and operated California Corporation dedicated to the manufacture of accurate, reliable and simple to use water quality instrumentation. Myron L Company is a leading manufacturer of both handheld and in-line instrumentation for measuring and monitoring a variety of parameters to include conductivity/TDS & resistivity, pH & ORP instrumentation, calibration solutions and buffers and related accessories.

  • Global Water Technologies Group - Mexico - 6/9/06 - Global Water Technologies Group (GWTG) has been a Mexican company dedicated for more than 10 Years to the design, manufacture and provision of facilities for purification and water treatment in the industries of bioprocesses (feeding and drinks, pharmaceutics, petrochemical, cosmetic and chemical end) and to the industrial water treatment in general.

  • Aquatic Enterprises, Inc. - USA - 6/9/06 - Aquatic Enterprises, Inc. specializes in engineering and manufacturing turnkey aquatic systems for biological, environmental, and genetic sciences from fully self-contained mobile research aquariums (MRA’s) to full-scale research facilities. Their seafood division provides self-contained live tanks; large scale custom retail display systems, as well as commercial holding facilities. They are experienced in designing and providing state-of-the-art aquatic systems covers all varieties of organisms. With extensive experience in both freshwater and marine environments that house and maintain hundreds of species of fresh and saltwater fish, invertebrates, crustaceans, molluscan bivalves, reptiles, and amphibians.

  • Ativa Biosciences - India - 5/31/06 - Ativa Biosciences is a Indian based biotechnology company, dedicated to the development, manufacturing and marketing of environmentally responsible products that offer cost effective, performance oriented natural solutions. They are into development and manufacturing of advanced biological inputs for shrimp, fish and other aquatic farming.

  • Jiali Spirulina Co., Ltd. - China - 5/19/06 - Erdos Jiali Spirulina Co.,Ltd located in the Erdos Plateau is intensive in natural soda lakes. The company was established in October 2003 and went into production in June 2004. There are 200,000m2 of total-enclosed track-like cultivation based on the most advanced level in the world and a continuous germ-free silk-screen collection work shop in an area of 400m2.

    They have adopted a GZ Model High-Speed Centrifugal Spray Dryer of the most advanced domestic level thus acquiring an annual product capacity of 180 tons of green and pollution-free Spirulina powder. Jiali Spirulina powder has a protein content up to 70%. Exports are to South America, Europe and Southeast Asia.

  • Aquacria C.A. - Venezuela - 5/11/06 - Aquacria C.A with 17 years of service to the aquaculture sector, specializes in the area of the experimental and commercial aquaculture. They perform economic technical feasibility studies for projects of culture of aquatic organisms, design & development of biosystems specializing in Cachama, Coporo, Tilapia, Biagre, Shrimp, Prawns and Ornamental Fish. Sales of equipment for aquaculture, equipment for ventilation, equipment for transport of fish, oxygen measurers, measurers of Ph, hormones, drugs, networks, foods and cages for culture of fish.

  • Texas Aquaponics - USA - 5/10/06 - Texas Aquaponics,LLC have been researching and growing Red Claw since 2002. They are uniquely positioned to become the largest redclaw importer grower and sales outlet in the United States. The redclaw sell themselves and have great possibility for Aquarium and Restaurant trade. The Redclaw is growing in popularity as an aquaculture species. Production operations are developing globally including Latin America, the Middle East, and Asia. Texas Aquaponics is involved in Production based research with its research arm Texas Agriponics and Inland Aquatics, Inc.

  • W & J Knox Ltd. - Scotland - 5/4/06 - Founded 1778. Manufacturer of all types of nets for sea and freshwater fish farming - cages, bird nets, predator nets, sweep nets. New net manufacture complemented by net servicing, with a specialist section dedicated to net washing, sterilising, repair, renovation and antifoulant retreatment. ISO 9001 (2000) qualified.

  • Borli FishFarm Technologies - Italy - 4/29/06 - Borli Implanti Automation & Control Division produces oxygen and temperature probes internally; the comunication protocols used for radio and cable transmission. Each tecnology or system applied to aquaculture is projected according to the needs of the different types of fishfarm, supervised by a biologist who avaluates the managing and enviromental aspects. They are able to propose the realization of a complete plant or integrating it with its own high technology tools from Hatchery to Growing.

  • Team Aqua Corp. - Taiwan - 4/21/06 - TEAM AQUA is a professional manufacturer of cage, aerator, feeder, closed system water probiotics and feed premix and ranked good reputation worldwide.

  • Klip Marine Shipmanagement Ltd - Estonia - 4/20/06 - Ship Management (main activity since 1990), Ships Sale and Purchase (since 1992), Pre-purchase inspection, Ships Valuation, Ship Finance and Marine Consultation.

  • Akua Maks - Turkey - 4/18/06 - Akua Maks serves the Turkish aquaculture sector as a leading logistic support company. There products include feeds, feed additives, filtration & sterilization systems, laboratory systems, cage systems, hatchery equipment, chemicals, to name a few. They also do feasibility services, product development, quality and control systems and supervision and counseling services for import/export, clearance, production, and marketing. This international company mainly services the European Aquaculture sector.

  • International Marine Fisheries Company - USA - 3/27/06 - International Marine Fisheries Company engaged in fisheries consulting world-wide since 1978 include advice and assistance in respect of management of seafood companies; processing and marketing of fish and shellfish; operation of fishing vessels; preparation, financing and implementation of fisheries projects; negotiation of international fisheries agreements: evaluation of joint venture proposals; and preparation of sector studies and master plans.

  • Stock Packaging - USA - 3/23/06 - Stock Packaging supplies a complete packaging system for retail and distribution packaging supplying a wide variety of sizes and colors of plastic trays, that are freezable, ovenable and/or microwable, along with sealing films and sealing machines.

  • Alternative Farming Systems Information Center - USA - 3/23/06 - The Alternative Farming Systems Information Center (AFSIC) is one of several topic-oriented Information Centers at the National Agricultural Library (NAL). AFSIC specializes in locating and accessing information related to alternative cropping systems including sustainable, organic, low-input, biodynamic, and regenerative agriculture.

  • Cowex a/s - Denmark - 3/23/06 - Cowex a/s is an Industrial IT and Automation company which is specialised in solutions of process-technical tasks, in particular computer-based control, regulation and supervision within areas of aquaculture, water supply and industrial automation.

  • Advanced Foodsystems - USA - 3/22/06 - Advanced Foodsystems is a leading provider of fully integrated, end-to-end business software solutions specifically engineered for food distributors and processors. The AFS Advanced Enterprise product suite is designed to reduce costs, increase efficiency, streamline internal processes and assist in regulatory compliance through innovative, comprehensive and user-friendly solutions.

  • Pobco Plastics - USA - 3/22/06 - Provides Lube-Filled hardwood products used in a variety of industries including the Agriculture and Material Handling markets. Plastics and a growing variety of Standard & Custom Conveyor Components & Friction-Reducing products for food, bottling, packaging requirements.

  • JV Marine Ent Co., Ltd. - China - 3/22/06 - Supplier of Shrimp Hatchery Feed, Probiotics, WaterTreatment & Disease Prevention Products (Zeolite, Tea seed powder, Iodine), Supplement Nutrients (Vitamin C, Vitamin complex), and Herbal Medicine. Also supplies Broodstock and Larva supply for P. Vannamei.

  • CreveTec - Belgium - 3/16/06 - Technology (feed production, formulation and management) for ecological production of crustaceans through a better (economical) utilisation of nutrients and other inputs. Assistance in setting up of farm-made feed production systems.

  • Dagustin - Spain - 3/16/06 - Dagustin is the brand identifying Jaime Soriano, S. A., a whole group of enterprises fully devoted to fishery, purchase, manufacturing and sale of fish and seafood. Dagustin possesses its own ships that fish across the Atlantic and the Indian Oceans. They have their our own prawn cultivation farms and modern packing plants and operate in hundreds of ports all over the world with Offices in Spain, Scotland, Honduras, England and soon, in Brazil.

  • Melick Aquafeed, Inc. - USA - 3/7/06 - Manufacturers and distributors of aquaculture feeds and specialty diets.


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