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Shanghai Top Goldfish Breeder - Suzhou Hitarget


China is the native home of goldfish and has history of goldfish cultivation of over one thousand years, which may be traced back to the South Song period. More than 300 categories of goldfish have been produced through years of cultivation, and these many varieties are admired by people for their colorful appearance, graceful gesture and dancing charm.

Chinese goldfish are famous throughout the world. The Chinese Goldfish World breeding centre is located on the banks of Taihu Lake of Suzhou where they have cultivated numerous pet fishes with the clean water of Taihu Lake. The breeding base has a cultivation area of 350,00 square meters and the cultivation tanks cover 150,000 square meters, with an annual supply of 5,000,000 goldfish and 2,000,000 koi carps. The resulting Goldfish and Koi have won the unanimous approval of customers from many countries and regions where top-class quality and competitive price are valued.


Suzhou Hitarget Goldfish Farm
11 Fl. Int'l Trade Bldg
Baodai Road
Suzhou, China
PHONE: 0086-512-65667266;13506131921
FAX: 0086-512-65251371
E-MAIL: Suzhou Hitarget Goldfish Farm

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