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Goldfish & Koi Resources

The origin of the Koi species is uncertain and varied. They have been discovered in carvings, paintings and artwork and in the earliest written records of ancient China. The Black and Caspian Seas are thought to have been their source of origin before they were exported to Japan where today, they have the distinction of being the National Fish and are held in great esteem by the Japanese. Their name, Nishikigoi, in Japanese means colorful carp.

This page is a compilation of sites from all over the web that relate to the many varieties of Goldfish and Koi. Many of the sites are commercial opperations and most provide a wealth of useful information. We will gladly accept any articles or papers about Goldfish or Koi research, production or any other aspect of the species, for reprint on this site. If you want your page concerning Goldfish or Koi added to our list notify us at Contact.

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For your connivence we have provided the link for Blackwell's UK Books and Amazon US Books. Simply type in Koi and click on the search button for their selection of available titles concerning Koi.

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