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    Marine aquarium - a new trend in aquarium keeping hobby?

    It is passionate and amazing to note that it keeps the hobbyists as crazy over it as with its simple nature of attraction; its colour patterns, elegant swimming styles, hi-tech body shapes, and admirable behaviors remain distinguishing features over freshwater fish. Marine Aquarium details

    marine aquarium

    Siberian Husky


    The Siberian husky is included in the working group dogs. They are medium sized dogs with a double layer of fur that protects them from extreme weather conditions, the furs acts as insulations for their body against cold and heat. The fur is often pure white, gray and white, copper-red and white, white and black. The color of the eyes is usually ice blue, blue, brown or a combination of both colors, which is called complete heterochromia. Siberian huskies are medium sized dogs; they have strong chests and backs, a full muscled upper thigh and very athletic, graceful and elegant dog, they are ideal for pulling sleigh's, sleds, herding, companion and rescues. Due to physical attributes and great stamina they are used for racing, carting and sleigh ride competition. .Husky details.



    Pug Dogs Information - What Are Pug Dogs?

    Pug Dogs Information - What Are Pug Dogs?

    Pug dogs are great all around dog breeds, distinguished canine and the cutuest, most lovable dog out there! Pug Dogs are small sized "Toy" Dog, tiny little-built and sweet-natured breed that are so named because of its habit of staring in the air looking clueless even for it's pug owners. Pugs details.


    Marine Aquarium Council

    The Marine Aquarium Council (MAC) is an international, not-for-profit organization that brings marine aquarium animal collectors, exporters, importers and retailers together with aquarium keepers, public aquariums, conservation organizations and government agencies.. Marine Aquarium Council (MAC) certified species details.

    Understand Your Cat through His Behavior

    Understand Your Cat through His Behavior

    It is known that cats aren't as friendly as dogs, yet some people just love the feeling of a feline presence in their house that they allow a cat to live with them. Unlike a dog, a cat does not need a lot of maintenance since it can groom itself very well and keep clean without having its owners to fuss over it. Many people prefer to have a dog over a cat because dogs are easier to get along with. Cats do seem to have their own agenda and will behave oddly at times, thus confusing even their very own owners. Yet certain cat behavior will usually tell something about the feline which will make a person understand his pet better.

    Details Cat Behavior

    SITES OF NOTE - Aquamedia

    We present links to noteworthy web sites that we would like to recognize as an important resource for the aquaculture industry. Aquamedia is presented by FEAP (The Federation of European Aquaculture Producers) and includes an excellent virtual tour of 5 European fish farms. This site is well worth a visit.

    Aquamedia's purpose is to tell the story of aquaculture in an open and transparent way to all those who are interested in what it does. Throughout Europe aquaculture is highly regulated by both national and European legislation. Furthermore, fish farmers also want the consumers of their fish to understand what they do, how they do it and to share the news, development and, in some cases, the problems, that exist.

    The members of FEAP, who are the national producer associations and whose members are the farmers themselves, represent the vast majority of the farmed species throughout Europe. They operate under the Federation's own Code of Conduct. Many associations also have their own, very much more detailed, Codes of Best Practice. All these codes are binding and are designed to maintain and indeed improve farming standards.