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Harvest Bounty Enterprizes Inc. - Marathon, Florida Harvest Bounty Enterprizes Inc. - Marathon, Florida - 11/22/14 - Harvest Bounty is a Florida Keys based wholesale tropical fish and invertebrate supplier. We are also a aquaculture coral farm, exclusively selling to licensed wholesalers worldwide..

Exotic Marine Fish Importers (Pty) Ltd - Johannesburg, South Africa Exotic Marine Fish Importers (Pty) Ltd - Johannesburg, South Africa - 11/16/14 - Exotic Marine Fish Importers (Pty) Ltd is a live marine ornamental fish exporter from South Africa supplying marine Fish from our country and the South African region.

Sustainable Aquatics - Jefferson City, Tennessee Sustainable Aquatics - Jefferson City, Tennesee - 6/19/14 - Sustainable Aquatics is primarily a marine ornamental fish hatchery, breeding species such as clownfish, dottybacks, cardinals, blennies, and gobies. We also import wild-collected fish into our sustainable Islands facility for quarantine and growout before they are sold. Primary customers are retail aquarium stores (domestically) and distributors (internationally).

Pt Griya Artha Kencana Aquarium - Bekasi, Indonesia Pt Griya Artha Kencana Aquarium - Bekasi, Indonesia - 5/21/14 - Exporters from Indonesia of fresh water ornamental fish established since 2009. Extensive selection of hard to find freshwater species including exotic and rare fish, shrimp, snails, crustacea and bivalves.

GPS Aquatics - Sacramento, California GPS Aquatics - Sacramento, California - 5/18/14 - GPS Aquatics of Sacramento California is a wholesale supplier of Marine Fish, Invertebrates and dry goods. Keep up to date with their shipments via Twitter at GPS Aquatics.

O'fish Store - Tulungagung, Indonesia O'fish Store - Tulungagung, Indonesia - 4/28/14 - O'fish Store is an exporter of tropical fish and ornamental fish from Indonesia. Located in Tulungagung, East Java, Indonesia. Tulungagung is central to ornamental fish and tropical fish in Indonesia. We provide many different types of ornamental fish and tropical fish that are very popular in the world.

Seahorse Breeder - Shropshire, U.K. Seahorse Breeder - Shropshire, U.K. - 4/20/14 - We are specialists in Seahorse Breeding, supplying our beautiful UK captive-bred Seahorses and associated range of Mariculture products to hobby breeders and the Trade. Our extensive experience gained in Seahorse keeping directly benefits the care of our own seahorses and consequently those of our clients, to whom advise on care is always given.

Coral Wholesale - Garden Grove, California Coral Wholesale - Gartden Grove, California - 4/14/14 - Coral Wholesale is a Distributor of Live Coral and Inverts from Australia, Indonesia, Fiji, Tonga, Palau, Vanuatu, Hawaii, and other desirable areas. We import directly from Bali, Vietnam, Australia, Fiji, Tonga, Caribbean, and the Pacific Islands. We offer aqua-cultured, mari-cultured, and wild organisms which are harvested in a safe and environmentally friendly manner from around the globe.

Pt. Sangputra Wimasjaya - Tangerang, Indonesia Pt. Sangputra Wimasjaya - Tangerang, Indonesia - 2/15/14 - Our company has been in the business of importing/exporting live tropical marine fishes, corals and invertebrates since 1991. Offerings include: Australian corals, fishes, Bali fishes, corals, Kupang corals, Vietnam clams, fish, corals, Others: Celebes, Jakarta and Philippines. We tranship to wholesalers, distributors and retailers of live tropical marine fishes, corals, invertebrates and clams from all over the world.

Golden Ina, Inc. - Irvine, California Golden Ina, Inc. - Irvine, California - 2/13/14 - Our company has been in the business of importing/exporting live tropical marine fishes, corals and invertebrates since 1991. Offerings include: Australian corals, fishes, Bali fishes, corals, Kupang corals, Vietnam clams, fish, corals, Others: Celebes, Jakarta and Philippines. We tranship to wholesalers, distributors and retailers of live tropical marine fishes, corals, invertebrates and clams from all over the world.

Imperial Tropicals - Lakeland, Florida Imperial Tropicals - Lakeland, Florida - 2/8/14 - One of Florida's leading tropical fish farms since 1970 Imperial Tropicals offers freshwater tropical fish online direct with free shipping on orders above $30 and checkout with PayPal. Fish selections of Live Bearers, Barbs, Tetras, Plecos, Angels, African Cichlid, American Cichlid, Koi, Invertebrates, food and more.

Rockett Tropicals Inc. - Big Pine Key, Florida Rockett Tropicals Inc. - Big Pine Key, Florida - 2/6/14 - Rockett Tropicals has been in the business of collecting and shipping tropical fish and marine life from the Keys since 1986. We do not stock pile our Sea life and keep them until they are bought but instead require 1 week to fill your order with ONLY fresh, just out of the Ocean marine life collected in the Florida Keys waters.

Tom's Caribbean Tropicals Inc. - Florida Keys Tom's Caribbean Tropicals Inc. - Florida Keys - 2/5/14 - Tropical Fish and Invertebrate wholesaler in the Florida Keys for over 30 years dealing in locally caught marine life from this area. All of our fish are hand caught wild and are kept in a medicated system for at least a few days before shipping.

Agusta Aquatic - Jarkarta, Indonesia Agusta Aquatic - Jarkarta, Indonesia - 10/16/13 - Agusta Aquatic is a live ornamental fish and plant exporter from Indonesia supplying tropical freshwater Fish, aquatic plants, marine fish and live coral from our country and the South East Asia region.

Crown Marindo - East Java, Indonesia Crown Marindo - East Java, Indonesia - 9/18/13 - Crown Marindo specializes in premium quality marine fish, invertebrates, corals and liverocks' with collection stations all over the Indo's islands with divers trained to collect in a sustainable manner keeping the reef habitat in place. Facilities cover an area of approximately 1000 square meters with coral holding tanks, aquariums for fish holdings and quarantine systems with both mechanical and biological filtration systems equipped with protein skimmers, uv-lights, ozonisers and proper lighting systems for the corals.

A F G (Aquarium Fish Ghana) - Accra, Ghana A F G (Aquarium Fish Ghana) - Accra, Ghana - 4/26/13 - We have been active for the past seven years in the consolidation and export of both Marine and Freshwater Aquarium/Ornamental/Pond fish, crustaceans, amphibians, snails, insects, etc. We ship wild-caught fish supplied to us by our team of dedicated catchers from Ghanaian waters; we also take in supplies from other West African countries when necessary.

Fountains Aquarium - La Mesa, California Fountains Aquarium - La Mesa, California - 7/12/12 - The oldest Tropical Fish Pet Store in San Diego, California since 1953. We specialize in Custom Aquariums plus Freshwater and Saltwater Fish with Thousands of exotic freshwater and saltwater fish on display. Aquarium Supplies and lighting as well as Tropical Fish Supplies and equipment, livestock and Ponds and Pond Supplies.

Exotic Indo Aquatic - West Java, Indonesia Exotic Indo Aquatic - West Java, Indonesia - 3/20/12 - Established in 2002, we supply more than 350 species of freshwater tropical fish from our farm facility just 30 minutes from Husein Sastranegara Airport and 3 hours from Soekarno-Hatta international airport. We are legally certified from the Ministry of Industry and Trade Republic of Indonesia exporting ornamental fishes, aquatic plants, reptiles, amphibians, insects & invertebrates. Our network of breeders is from all over Indonesia and especially from Java island.

Tropical Fish International (TFI) - Rajagiriya, Sri Lanka Tropical Fish International (TFI) - Rajagiriya, Sri Lanka - 3/15/12 - Breeder and exporter based in Sri Lanka, is a distributor of Live Tropical Fish and related products, incorporating forward looking IT solutions, to help customers reduce overheads & increase margins - contributing to the customer's bottom line. We guarantee to deliver high quality freshwater and marine aquaria to master distributors, chain stores, distributors and retailers at a competitive price with optimum packs designed to reduce freight costs.

Aqua Fish Viet - NhaTrang, Viet Nam AquaFishViet - NhaTrang, Viet Nam - 2/18/12 - AquaFishViet (Aquarium Fish Vietnam) - is the first farmer & exporter of live seahorse (CITES permit) in VietNam from 1998. They supply live soft coral, live hard coral and live clams have cites permit. They also supply marine fish, anemone within TRAINED TANK CONDITION.

Premium Marindo - Bali, Indonesia Premium Marindo - Bali, Indonesia - 2/7/12 - Premium Marindo specializes in premium quality marine fishes, invertebrates, corals and liverocks. We have collection stations all over the Indo's islands with divers that have been trained to collect in a sustainable manner and keep our reef habitat in place. Our facilities cover an area of approximately 1000 square meters that consist of corals holding facilities and aquariums for our fish holdings and quarantine systems. Each specimen from our suppliers/divers is acclimated and individually screened numerous times before transferring to our quarantine tanks and all items ordered are individually screened before packing and shipment to our customers.

Hazorea Aquatics - Hazorea, Israel Hazorea Aquatics - Hazorea, Israel - 12/25/11 - If you are a distributor or wholesaler and are looking for a new or alternate source for Koi, Coldwater or Tropical fish, Water Lilies and Lotus or Aquatic Plants, Hazorea Aquatics will provide you with the products you need. Our experience with hundreds of fish facilities and plant nurseries around the world is at your disposal, as well as our knowledge of countless ways of presentation, sales and marketing. A comprehensive range of varieties of coldwater and tropical fish, each produced and shipped directly from a specialist farm.

CV. Indo Fish Tank - East Java, Indonesia CV. Indo Fish Tank - East Java, Indonesia - 12/13/11 - CV. Indo Fish Tank, selling ornamental fish, is located in Banyuwangi - East Java, Indonesia. Their diverse range of species include plants, freshwater fish, marine fish, corals, and inverts. Shipments are made to America, Europe, and Asia.

Shanghai Oujing Aquafish Breeding Farm - Shanghai,China Shanghai Oujing Aquafish Breeding Farm - Shanghai,China - 12/7/11 - Shanghai Oujing Aquafish Breeding Farm is a specialized breeder and exporter of many types of Goldfish and Tropical fish including Bubble-Eye, Butterfly, Celesial, Comet, Oranda, Moor, Pearlscale, Crowned Pearlscale, Pompom, Ranchu, Ryukin etc. Tropical fish include Discus. They have been operating since 1998 and maintain a large-scale intensive culture of more than 300 varieties. Exports are to North America, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, and to the Middle East.

Children of the Sun Koi - Washington, USA Children of the Sun Koi - Washington, USA - 11/23/11 - Children of the Sun Koi offer imported Japanese Koi such as Kohaku, Showa, Sanke, Chagoi, Matusba, Asagi and many other varieties stocking several hundred on hand at all times. There is also a Koi auction, Koi Kichi Auction, starting every Sunday and also ending in the same time. It is located in Vancouver, Washington, USA. The water is soft and the weather is cold in the winter and great in the summer. They also supply a full range of Koi foods, medications, tanks and other supplies.

Acquaramaitalia Srl - Italy Acquaramaitalia Srl - Italy - 10/17/11 - Acquarama Italy Srl has been in the Italian market for over 20 years. The company specializes in aquariology, in the import / export and wholesale distribution throughout the Italian territory of live tropicals, importing more from the collection centers, the draft and the best farms around the world. They also sell wholesale products, accessories, gifts, tropical freshwater fish, aquatic plants, turtles, marine fish, invertebrates (soft and hard corals, live rock, all with CITES documentation).

Tirupati Aqua - India Tirupati Aqua - India - 10/3/11 - Tirupati Aqua has been established for more than 5 years and currently breeds more than 100 varieties of fishes, with the Angel, Goldfish, Guppy, Gourami, Koi, Molly, Platy,Tetra, Rainbow, Sharks, Swordtail and Barb varieties as their specialty. Besides offering a wide range of ornamental fishes bred in-house, they collect and acclimatize popular indigenous varieties from the wild that they quarantine for export to ensure that they are free of diseases and of prime export quality. Shipments are handled by well trained and experienced staff and equipped with advanced packing and quarantine facilities.

CLC Discus Enterprise - Malaysia CLC Discus Enterprise - Malaysia - 7/22/11 - CLC Discus Enterprise is located in Province Wellesley, State of Penang, Malaysia, an area well known among tropical fish hobbyists for breeding quality fish. Their tropical fish farm has three indoor hatcheries which cover approximately 4500 sq. ft of floor space. With a capacity of 600 tanks, they produce 3,000 fish monthly which are sold to local and overseas markets. The farm uses a systematic water changing system to save manpower. The water temperature is maintained at 29°C and solar energy is used which maintains the temperature at +-0.5°C. Water quality is checked daily. 100% water is changed once a day for adults and twice a day for young fries. The adults are fed with beef heart and tubifex worm, and newly hatched fries are fed with artemia neupli and moina. Experienced in packing, quarantine process and close working relations with live tropical fish freight forwarders they are able to deliver shipments to most countries safely.

Spectacular Marine Treasures - Philippines Spectacular Marine Treasures - Philippines - 5/18/11 - Spectacular Marine Treasures, started in 2005, supplies marine species to buyers in 12 countries. They are specialized in deepwater species and animals coming from very remote areas with numerous new species frequently brought up to the surface. These are carefully quarantined and studied in their own facilities right at Mactan International Airport on Cebu Island. Their product range of species includes an extensive variety of Invertebrates and Marine fish. Their divers all have an awareness of the fragile environment in which they harvest and only harvest what they need in very specific sizes.

Todopez SL - Spain Todopez SL - Spain - 3/8/11 - Todopez SL maintains facilities with 650,000 L and over 1,000 species including special facilities for SPS corals, LPS and soft. Breeding in their own hatcheries on site for many species with quarantine and acclimatization facilities for new arrivals, separating different coral types as well as extensive shark selection.

CI Guainia Tropical Fish - Bogata, Colombia CI Guainia Tropical Fish - Bogata, Colombia - 2/9/11 - CI Guainia Tropical Fish has been supplying Amazonian aquarium fishes from their own exporting facility at Puerto Inirida (Guainia) to Colombian exporters in Bogota over 25 years. They have the capacity to hold and maintain large numbers of fishes during the rainy season in which fish collection is almost impossible, do to the high dispersion of the fauna created by the elevation of the water level of rivers and streams.

Ominta Aquarium International - Malabe, Sri Lanka Ominta Aquarium International - Malabe, Sri Lanka - 12/7/10 - An ornamental fish exporter incorporated in 2005 and located in a rural area of Colombo district where the quality of water is excellent for the tropical fish industry. They are experienced international exporters of both Marine and Freshwater fishes as well as tropical plants.

Sams Discus - Pune, India Sams Discus - Pune, India - 10/19/10 - Sams discus is located in Pune, Maharashtra, India with complete facilitates, breeding, raising and quarantine. They supply quality discus fishes in wholesale/Retail to various cities such as Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore and many other cities in India.

PFA DAVID COSTINA - Brasov, Romania PFA DAVID COSTINA - Brasov, Romania - 10/4/10 - We are a Vietnamese ornamental tropical fishes exporter company incorporated in 2005, that supplies high quality of tropical fish from Vietnam, Indonesia, Phillipines and Thailand, with headquarters in Romania (Europe), Canada (N.America) and South Africa (Africa). We are specialized in exports of freshwater fish and marine fish and have experience in export of ornamental fishes accepting by all customer worldwide including USA, Europe, Japan and countries of the Middle and South East.

Blue Aquatics Limited - Accra, Ghana Blue Aquatics Limited - Accra, Ghana - 8/16/10 - Blue Aquatics, an aquatic services and marine export company, is engaged in the exportation of marine species and plants from West & Southern Africa, Atlantic Ocean, East Africa, Indian Ocean, Red Sea and Gulf of Aden from their holding facility in Accra, Ghana, West Africa. Also provide custom indoor and outdoor marine/freshwater aquarium systems for homes, offices, schools, hopitals, hotels etc.

CV. Batavia Tropical Fish - Bekasi, Indonesia CV. Batavia Tropical Fish - Bekasi, Indonesia - 8/13/10 - Batavia Tropical Fish, located in Bekasi, West Java, maintains a wide network of experienced farmers engaged in tropical freshwater ornamental fish and aquatic plants sourced from various regions in Indonesia.

Monde Aquarium Co., Ltd. - Bangkok, Thailand Monde Aquarium Co., Ltd. - Bangkok, Thailand - 8/6/10 - Established in 2003, Monde Aquarium Co., Ltd. is one of the major breeders and exporters of freshwater tropical aquarium fish and aquatic plants from Thailand. Their fish are distributed worldwide to all major international airports.

Florida Live Rock - Lutz, Florida Florida Live Rock - Lutz, Florida - 7/29/10 - Florida live Rock has been dealing in live rock for the marine aquarium since 1988 I have done over 5000 dives in the Gulf . Diving twelve months a year in all different elements water temps ranging from 52 degree to 88 degree. And the visibility being from 3 feet to 80 ft depending on the conditions.

Randika Aquarium - Colombo, Sri Lanka Randika Aquarium - Colombo, Sri Lanka - 7/26/10 - Established in the year 2003, they maintain more than 1500 aquarium tanks (80,000 square foot of tanks), exporting Koi, Goldfish, Discus, Angels, Guupies and plants to name a few, to USA, Europe, Middle East, and Japan. Randika Aquarium is situated in the Western Province and only 15 Minutes drive to Colombo International Airport.

Sumber Bahagia - Denpasar, Indonesia Sumber Bahagia - Denpasar, Indonesia - 7/22/10 - Founded in 1995, Sumber Bahagia exports many varieties of fresh fish for the seafood industry but, they also develop cultured coral in conjunction with fishermen on Serangan Island, Bali. Many species of both soft and hard coral are cultivated until they are ready to be harvested.

CV. Aqua Fish Farm - Bogor, Indonesia CV. Aqua Fish Farm - Bogor, Indonesia - 7/14/10 - CV.Aqua Farm imports and exports Freshwater Fish, Marine Fish, Live Coral and also Aquatic Plants to various countries in the world. They only sell small sizes from 2-5cm, such as Red Tilapia, Black Tilapia, Red runways, Gourami, and Siamese Shark.

Aqua Treasures - Kelowna BC, CanadaAqua Treasures - Kelowna BC, Canada - 7/8/10 - Aqua Treasures is a privately held business with operations in Kelowna BC Canada, specializing in producing high quality tropical fish food. Aqua Treasures produces and sells Mysis Supreme frozen fish food in 4oz, 8oz, 16oz and 32oz flat packs. It is harvested using their unique live on board process where its flash frozen immediately.

Cahya Aquatic - Banyuwangi, IndonesiaCahya Aquatic - 6/5/10 - Banyuwangi, Indonesia - Cahya Aquatic is one of ornamental fish, sea food and aqua culture exporter from Indonesia. Farm located in Banyuwangi, right at Bali�s strait seaside. Banyuwangi is heart of the Majority divers of Indonesia's tropical marine fishes & inverts.

SR Flying Fish - Paranaque, PhilippinesSR Flying Fish - 6/4/10 - Paranaque, Philippines - SR Flying Fish Philippines has been in existence for over 30 years making it one of the pioneer exporters of live marine tropical fishes and invertebrates in the Philippines. They also export aquarium sand, pebbles and other aquarium accessories.

Agarwal Fancy Aquarium - Howrah, IndiaAgarwal Fancy Aquarium - 4/22/10 - Howrah, India - Fancy Aquarium, established in India (Howrah, West Bengal) in 2004, started as a retailer / wholesaler of Tropical and Wild Caught Fish within the state and within a year expanded to whole over India. They are now a recognized exporter, trader and supplier of variety of Tropical and Wild Caught Fishes.

Gulf View Marine Life - Washington, USAGulf View Marine Life - 4/3/10 - Washington, USA - FloridaLiveRock specializes in Aquaculture, Live Rock, Gulf Sand, Gorgonians, Coral, Sponges, Snails, and Crabs. Since 1988, Gulfview has been a live rock harvester and established a solid reputation for the quality to which they are committed. FloridaLiveRock is one of the few aquaculturalists permitted by the government to harvest rock specifically grown for the marine aquarium in the Gulf of Mexico.

Katulistiwa Reef - Banyuwangi, IndonesiaKatulistiwa Reef - 4/2/10 - Banyuwangi, Indonesia - Katulistiwa Reef is a business that specializes in exporting marine fish, corals and invertebrate from indonesia.

Modern Pet Centre - Kolkata, IndiaModern Pet Center - 3/16/10 - Kolkata, India - Established in 1998, one of India's leading exporters of live ornamental fish and allied items. Breeder and exporter of Koi, Goldfish, freshwater & marine fish, wild tropical fish & invertebrates.

Simply Seahorses - Manchester, UKSimply Seahorses - 1/18/10 - Manchester, UK - Importer of seahorses, marine fish and corals. They have eight different species in their private collection and photos of some of these including H. Capensis babies posted on the website.

La C.I.A srl (Centro Internazionale Acquari) - Torino, ItalyLa C.I.A srl (Centro Internazionale Acquari) - 1/5/10 - Torino, Italy - CIA Srl (International Center Aquarium), founded in 1999, is an importer and wholesaler in the Italian market for tropical fish, marine fish, invertebrates and aquarium equipment. It operates in the wholesale sector aquariology throughout the country with over 1000 square meters of exhibition space that allow optimal presentation of all the most important products available on the market. Their structure includes a 300 square meter greenhouse exclusively dedicated to housing more than five hundred tubs regularly holding freshwater fish, marine, corals and plants imported from various countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Colombia, Indonesia, European Community countries and the Czech Republic Holland etc.

La Casetta in Canada sas - Settimo Torinese, Italy La Casetta in Canada sas - 1/3/10 - Settimo Torinese, Italy - La Casetta in Canada, with over 14 years in business, maintains over 80,000 gallons of water with nearly 15,000 dedicated to the marine environment offering a wide variety of species, carefully quarantined & healthy for their customers. They also continue to support the Institute of Ittiopatologia of their region with which they collaborate on research into diseases of aquarium fish.

Taiwan Discus Farm - Taipei, Taiwan Taiwan Discus Farm - 12/23/09 - Taipei, Taiwan - Find some of Asia's best Discus fish at our farm. The CEO Mr. Yi was awarded with Grand Champion awards twice in Duisburg, Germany. The discus from Mr Yi, which were bred in his Taiwan Discus Farm, were awarded champion awards at the world's biggest discus competition in Duisburg (Germany) in 2006 and 2008.

Nunu Mwamba Exporters & Importers - Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania Nunu Mwamba Exporters & Importers - 12/18/09 - Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania - Exporters of wild caught African Cichlids from Lakes Tanganyika, Malawi, and Victoria based in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania and export to the World.

South Rivers CI Ltda - Bogota, Colombia South Rivers CI Ltda - 11/25/09 - Bogota, Colombia - South Rivers installations are located at the west site to the city next to the airport. In the locations they have 500 tanks of glass of 60 Lt. completely equipped with biologic filters. Also, 8000 Lt. of water supply. Finally in the different zones of fishing their providers are equipped with the specialized farms.

Global Oceanic Life - Miami, Florida Global Oceanic Life - 10/7/09 - Miami, Florida - Global Oceanic Life is located in the middle of 2 International Airports, with more than 4,000 square feet of warehouse space and over 15,000 gallons of holding capacity. GOL offers a weekly variety of hand caught livestock from different countries around the world, from the Atlantic Ocean as well as Nicaragua, Hawaii and Australia.

Joe Aquatic Indonesia - Bogor, Indonesia Joe Aquatic Indonesia - 10/2/09 - Bogor, Indonesia - Specialist exporter, established in 1988, of tropical ornamental fish from Indonesia, located in Bogor - West Java. They have hundreds of aquariums and tanks to cover all fish stocks. Products include freshwater and marine fish, corals and invertebrates, plants, zeolite as well as feeds.

Siam Tropical Fish Co.,Ltd - Bangkok, Thailand Siam Tropical Fish Co.,Ltd - 7/27/09 - Bangkok, Thailand - Siam Tropical Fish Co., Ltd is a wholesaler and exporter of Tropical Fresh Water fish such as Goldfish, Koi, Betta, Guppies, Molly, Cichild, Swordtail, Platy, Discus, etc, Clown Fish, Aquatic plants, Water lily, Lotus and Aquarium Driftwood from Bangkok, Thailand. They provide a "Fish Health Certificate" which is issued by Ther Deparytment of Fisheries of Thailand and " Phytosanitary Certificate" for Aquatic plants which is issued by The Department of Agriculture of Thailand, Free of Charge.

Mister Aqua (Thailand) Company - Bangkok, Thailand Mister Aqua (Thailand) Company - 7/16/09 - Bangkok, Thailand - Mister Aqua (Thailand) Co., Ltd., is an export/import distributor of live tropical fish based in Thailand, South East Asia that started its import/ export operations in 2004, after 30 years of success in domestic trading. The company supplies various kinds of products involved with aquarium business; from a variety of live tropical fish and aquatic plants to fish food, and decorative ornaments for aquariums. The business is guaranteed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives of Thailand, Fisheries Department of Thailand, and Royal Forest Department of Thailand and has been a member of the Department of Export Promotion (Thailand) and OFI (Ornamental Fish International) since 2004.

Piscine Energetics Inc. - Bali, Indonesia Piscine Energetics Inc. - 7/16/09 - Kelowna BC, Canada - Piscine Energetics Frozen Mysis shrimp (PE MYSIS) is a Sub- Arctic zooplankton harvested from mountain lakes in Canada. Its habitat exceeds 100 meters deep where water temperature is under 10 degrees C. Such environments produce zooplankton rich in essential fatty acids. The high lipid content with long chain fatty acids rich in EPA & DHA, help condition and stimulate ornamental fish.

Tropical Aqua Zone - Bali, Indonesia Tropical Aqua Zone - 7/7/09 - Bali, Indonesia - Tropical Aqua zone (TAZ) is a specialist and exporter of live tropical fishes, invertebrates and corals in Bali, Indonesia. All fishes are packed individually in double polyethylene (PE) plastic bags with enough water and oxygen to ensure fish survival for up to 3 days. A piece of paper is placed in between the plastic bags to reduce fish stress.

Betta Fish Guru - Huntington Beach, California Betta Fish Guru - 7/7/09 - Huntington Beach, California - We have put together proven methods to take care of Betta fish. This site provides easy-to-understand information about caring and breeding Betta fish. You have access to hundreds of hours of research that has been pooled together with years of experience owning and breeding Betta fish. It's facts and information that you can depend on for Betta fish care.

PT. Jumbo Tropical Fish - Depok, Indonesia PT. Jumbo Tropical Fish - 6/23/09 - Depok, Indonesia - Established in the 2003, PT. Jumbo Tropical Fish is an exporter of live ornamental fish from Indonesia offering both freshwater and marine fish, and soft coral-invertebrates. Their freshwater facility has 1500 tanks with Tetras, Angelfish, Cichlids, Rainbows, Wild fish, & Barbs. Their sister company, located in Bali with almost 1000 tanks and ponds, provides marine fish & softcoral-invertebrates.

Vast Oceans - Vancouver, Washington Vast Oceans - 6/17/09 - Vancouver, Washington - Vast Oceans brings in weekly shipments of many species including corals, live rock, clams, and zoanthids to their holding systems before shipment to their end customers. Shipments come from destinations such as Lombok, Papua, Bali, Vietnam and Flores Island.

Quality Marine - Los Angeles, California Quality Marine - 4/30/09 - Los Angeles, California - Quality Marine provides the Aquarium industry with the highest quality and widest selection of marine fish and invertebrates. One of only a few MAC certified importers, we import upwards of 30 shipments to our Los Angeles facility throughout each week. Quality Marine acclimates all specimens from ocean water to synthetic seawater as a service to the retailer.

Exotic Reef Imports - El Segundo, California Exotic Reef Imports - 3/19/09 - El Segundo, California - Exotic Reef Imports, with 14 years of experience in the industry, has an experienced staff of biologists and aquatic specialists on hand in their 100,000+ gallon facility with an in-house laboratory staffed by their own Phd head biologist. They currently import livestock from the following international locales: Hawaii, Bali, Sumatra, Ambon, Jakarta, Philippines, Fiji, Tonga, Vanuatu, Cook Islands, Christmas Islands, Marshall Islands, Taiwan, Guam, Costa Rica, Mexico, Tahiti, Puerto Rico, Red Sea, Brazil, Solomon Islands, Singapore, Kenya, Sri-Lanka, Maldives, Mauritius, Australia, New Caledonia, Samoa, Malaysia, Bangkok, and and ship to wholesale customers worldwide.

Caribe Fisheries - Lajas, Puerto Rico Caribe Fisheries - 3/12/09 - Lajas, Puerto Rico - Caribe Fisheries offers a wide variety of quality fish all of which are spawned and raised on our farm. Using hormone spawning techniques, we reproduce species which cannot otherwise be cultivated in Puerto Rico.

OF Aquaristik - Butzbach-Hochweisel, Germany OF Aquaristik - 2/26/09 - Butzbach-Hochweisel, Germany - OF Aquaristik is one of the leading German importers of rare freshwater fishes from Argentina, Colombia, Brazil and Peru.

Avis Aquarium Supply Ltd - Lagos, Nigeria Avis Aquarium Supply Ltd - 2/19/09 - Lagos, Nigeria - Avis Aquarium Supply Ltd is a foremost exporter of live tropical fish, amphibians, insects, live plants and reptiles in Nigeria. The company has over 12 years experience in the ornamental fish export trade. A member of both the Ornamental Fish International (OFI) and the Association of Ornamental Fish Farmers and Exporters of Nigeria (AOFFEN), are specialists in rare species.

VN Marine - Hong Kong VN Marine - 2/10/09 - Hong Kong - A Hong Kong importer/exporter collecting and trading marine fish and corals. We offer a full selection of tropical marine fish, Invertebrates, anemones, including a rare and hardy clown fish and, have experience in exporting tropical marine fish and rare corrals to the USA, Singapore and Japan.

Route 66 Marine - Gardena, California Route 66 Marine - 2/9/09 - Gardena, California - Route 66 Marine is a small wholesale company who stock and tranship Marine livestock, importing some of the finest corals from around the world. We work directly with collectors to obtain a wide variety of species of coral and fish and offer a real time stock list of corals that we are holding in our own state of the art holding systems.

CV. PRIME DISCUS - Bumi Serpong Damai, Indonesia CV. PRIME DISCUS - 1/30/09 - Bumi Serpong Damai, Indonesia - Prime Discus, established 10 years ago, is a breeder and supplier of discus fish with more than 30 strains available offering discus to both local and international buyers. Our farm, housing more than 400 tanks, is located in Bumi Serpong Damai, a suburban city outside Jakarta. All our discus are free of hormones.

Bali Sea Parade - Surabaya, Indonesia Bali Sea Parade - 1/30/09 - Surabaya, Indonesia - With 10 years experience in collecting, keeping and exporting tropical marine fishes, inverts and corals all over the world, Bali Sea Parade is located where the majority of Indonesia's tropical marine fishes and Inverts divers reside. Quarantine facilities consist of several hundred tanks, supported by advanced filtration systems, skimmers, uv-lights, and chillers.

Southwest DIscus - Phoenix, Arizona Southwest DIscus - 1/17/09 - Phoenix, Arizona - Southwest Discus Hatchery has been keeping and breeding Discus for over 11 years. We have more than 60 tanks with several different strains. To keep up with local demand we import from some of the leading Malaysian Discus Breeders.

Global Aquatics Importers. Inc - Wood Dale, Illinois Global Aquatics Importers. Inc - 1/7/09 - Wood Dale, Illinois - Global Aquatic Imports specializes in providing top quality ornamental fish from Asia and Latin America. Their state of the art facility utilizes reverse-osmosis filtration, electronic environmental controls and they use a variety of premium frozen foods and nutritional supplements to maintain superior health and physical condition of their fish.

Blue Ridge Fish Hatchery - Kernersville, North Carolina Blue Ridge Fish Hatchery - 1/6/09 - Kernersville, North Carolina - American bred goldfish, koi, and butterfly koi. Blue Ridge Fish Hatchery has been producing goldfish and koi on over 100 acres of ponds at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina since 1958.

Keys Marine - Marathon Shores, Florda Keys Marine - 12/31/08 - Marathon Shores, Florda - In business since 1989, Keys Marine wholesales directly to retail establishments and not directly to the public. They specialize in the collection of Caribbean livestock carrying a wide variety of local net caught fish and a large selection of Caribbean invertebrates.

G. Hoener GmbH & Co. KG - Hiddenhausen, Germany G. Hoener GmbH & Co. KG - 12/11/08 - Hiddenhausen, Germany - G. Hoener is a live tropical freshwater fish importer and wholesaler supplying the local German market since 1972.

Percula Farm - Chonburi, Thailand Percula Farm - 11/14/08 - Chonburi, Thailand - Our farm has been operated for 4 years under a license from the Fishery Department. Currently we have more than 150 pairs of clownfish that produce eggs, among these, 100 pairs are Percula. Moreover more than 70% of the broodstock are our farm bred fish.

Tropicindo - Bogor, West Java, Indonesia Tropicindo - 11/14/08 - Bogor, West Java, Indonesia - TropicIndo specializes in breeding and export / import of live tropical Freshwater Fish, Turtle, Tortoise and Reptiles. We have high quality stocks with competitive prices. Customer service is available seven days a week (except on official Indonesian holiday) to cater to your needs.

Aquamarines International - Ratmalana, Sri Lanka Aquamarines International - Ratmalana, Sri Lanka - 10/24/08 - Aquamarines International was established four decades ago venturing into a pioneering business sector of ornamental fish breeding and export. From a backyard operation, the company has successfully expanded into major export markets by diversifying the product-mix meeting with the demand of a wide spectrum of buyers.

AK Enterprise - Bekasi, Indonesia AK Enterprise - Bekasi, Indonesia - 10/10/08 - Specializes in exporting & importing live ornamental tropical fish. Established in 1992, has been doing business with various countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, China, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, European countries, USA and Australia. A member of INAFISH (Indonesian Ornamental Fish Exporter Association), an Exporter association which its activities are supported by the Indonesian Government.

Black Piranha Aquarium - Iquitos, Peru Black Piranha Aquarium - Iquitos, Peru - 10/3/08 - Situated on the banks of the Amazon River and surrounded by the vast wonders of the Amazon Jungle we have the ability to export direct to you top quality tropical fish. Specialized in collecting and handling wild caught tropical fish we are always searching for new and rare species.

Tangled Up In Cichlids - Phillipsburg, New Jersey Tangled Up In Cichlids - Phillipsburg, New Jersey - 10/2/08 - Specializing in the New World Cichlids from South and Central America, my facility consists of well over 10,000 gallons devoted to mostly New World cichlids.

Antinea Group - Montpellier, France Antinea Group - Montpellier, France - 9/23/08 - Antinea Group is a family business that has existed for over 16 years, specializing in the field of selected fish with professional quality merchandise for the aquatic world. They import fresh water & seawater invertebrates as well as frozen foods.

Borneo Aqualink - Sabah Malaysia Borneo Aqualink - Sabah Malaysia - 9/20/08 - One of the leading exporters and suppliers in East Malaysia of marine fishes, corals, live rock, live fish, frozen seafood and fish fry based in Semporna, North Borneo. They have their our own boats, team of profesional divers, floating houses, sea cages, holding & stocking facilities.

MarineFishTaiwan Inc. MarineFishTaiwan Inc. - 9/8/08 - An international sales company formed by family owned marine ornamental fish farms in Taiwan. We have well-trained hand caught collectors and fishermen to collect the rarest ornamental marine fish scattered throughout the Taiwan Islands and export to foreign countries. We mainly focus on exporting Jumbo Extra Show size and Rare marine ornamental fish from Taiwan. Currently we export the fish to our customers every week; virtually the DOA is less than 3%.

AquaMarina - Perols, France AquaMarina - Perols, France - 8/7/08 - Whenever feasible, AquaMarina favors the production and distribution of marine animals breeding in order to participate in the development of an alternative to traditional fisheries and contribute to the preservation of marine species. After acclimatization, the company distributes its products to resellers and dealers as well as public aquariums.

Nusantara Aquatik Exporindo. Pte - South Jakarta City, Indonesia Nusantara Aquatik Exporindo. Pte - South Jakarta City, Indonesia - 8/4/08 - Nusantara Aquatik Exporindo, established in 1997, is an Indonesia based wholesale exporter supplying world wide live tropical fish both marine, freshwater and aquatic plants in quality and quantity.

Bali Exotic Fish - Indonesia Bali Exotic Fish - Indonesia - 6/12/08 - Bali exotic fish is a live tropical marine fish, invertebrate & coral exporter in Indonesia collecting throughout many Indonesian islands, shipping to Asia, Europe & USA. Our facilities are only minutes from Denpasar International airport and Surabaya International airport.

Tung-Hu Aquarium Trading - Singapore Tung-Hu Aquarium Trading - Singapore - 5/1/08 - We have been in business since 1980. We are the wholesaler, importer and exporter of ornamental fishes, fish food, fish tanks, sand, ornaments and aquaculture accessories. We specialise in dragon fish, altum and stingray breeding.

Global Aquatics Importers - Wood Dale, Illinois Global Aquatics Importers - Wood Dale, Illinois - 4/17/08 - Specializing in top quality ornamental fish from Asia and Latin America focusing on exotic, hard-to-find, and lucrative fish species. All fish are properly climatized and quarantined and shipments come with official health certificates from the country of origin's Veterinary Services agency.

Airfish - indonesia Airfish - indonesia - 3/15/08 - Airfish is a breeding farm of freshwater tropical fishes and aquatic plant cultivation in Indonesia. Exporting products to all over the world with facilities at Iquitos where we have our main areas for fish treatment, aquariums, natural ponds and tanks, storage and packaging areas; as well as professionals that are constantly in the search for rare and new species. At our main office in Bogor we have the commercial and management areas who help in the control of all our shipments.

Sawasdeegoldfish Farm - Thailand Sawasdeegoldfish Farm - Thailand - 12/20/07 - Sawasdee goldfish international farm, specializes in breeding and exporting healthy and quality goldfishes in Thailand. We have standard control from our hatchery and from certified farms in Thailand. We always make sure that all the fish from our farm are disease free, our policy insures that fish from us will arrive at your door strong and healthy. - Lima, Peru - Lima, Peru - 10/10/07 - We are an American company based in the heart of the Amazon. We have had over twelve years of experience in the fish and reptile industry. We have had great success in our retail business in California and have moved to where the action is. Our office is in Miraflores, Peru and our quarintine and breeding stations are in Iquitos. We export fish, amphibians, and reptiles, to wholesalers around the world.

Bettafarm - Budapest, Hungary Bettafarm - Budapest, Hungary - 9/27/07 - Import, Export, Wholesale, Retail and breeding of ornamental fishes.

Peru Aquarium Group Peru Aquarium Group - Peru - 7/18/07 - Peru Aquarium Group is the first, largest and oldest exporter of live tropical fish from Peru, exporting to over 160 worldwide destinations from their 7000 managed aquariums.

Petra-Aqua Logo Czech RepubllicPetra-Aqua - Czech Republic - 5/14/07 - Tropical Fish Hatchery established in 1990 with major activity of raising and export of fresh water tropical fish. Currently most exports of exotic fish and other aquarium products go to wholesalers in Europe (Germany, France, Belgium, Austria, GB, Italy,..), USA and South Africa. Their catalogue for wholesalers and importers contains more then 1300 items. All the fish for export have been raised in small aquatic farms in Czech Republic i.e; they become domesticated (used for the living conditions in aquarium) for many generations.

AquaTech Imports Logo PennsylvaniaAquaTech Imports, Inc. - Pennsylvania - 5/2/07 - An importer and distributor of hand caught, saltwater tropical fish, corals, invertebrates, and live rock. In addition to importing wild caught stock, we conduct an ongoing research and a propagation program to supply healthy, propogated corals. A team of biologists that research the various conditions and parameters that produce the healthiest, hardiest, and most vibrant corals in captivity is on site.

Qingyuan Hongda Aquarium Logo ChinaQingyuan Hongda Aquarium - China - 5/2/07 - Qingyuan Hongda Aquarium is a large-scale professional fish farm which deals with various kinds of ornamental fish. The aquarium is located in the suburb of Qingyuan and has over one million end product fish. It is only forty minutes to Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, two hours to Shenzhen Huangtian International Airport, and three hours to Honking International Airport.

Happy Koi Logo South AfricaHappy Koi - South Africa - 4/10/07 - Happy Koi offers an auction site for Koi and an extensive series of articles on the raising & maintenance of Koi.

MsDiscus - Malaysia - 4/3/07 - We are a Discus breeder and supplier in Penang, Malaysia who breed hybrid Discus according to breed body shape, strairs and color, for example, altum pearl pigeon (High fin, high body, long pelvic).

Asian Aqua Company Logo ThailandAsian Aqua Co., Ltd. - Thailand - 3/27/07 - Asian Aqua Co., Ltd. is a freshwater tropical fish wholesale and aquatic plant exporter. We have more than 10 years experience in aquatic business, supplying aquatic plants to retailers in Thailand, and exporting tropical fish and aquatic plants to importers worldwide.

Marine Fish Supplier - Indonesia - 3/20/07 - Marine Fish Supplier started in 2004, is a wholesale exporter of marine fish. Located in Jimbaran-Bali Island which provides access to one of the largest collections of marine fish in the world. The entrepreneurs of Marine Fish Supplier have over 7 years experience in the fish farming industry.

Arowana Asia Pte Ltd - Singapore - 3/17/07 - This is a new site devoted to the raising of Arowana species. There are many photos and coments with more features on the way.

Massive Aggression Logo Canada Massive Aggression - Canada - 3/2/07 - Massive Aggression is located in Johnston, Rhode Island and also Langley, BC, Canada. Their main imports are from Peru and Brazil with specimens ranging from catfish, piranahs, plecosthomus and stingrays. Futures suppliers are from Venezuela, Columbia, and more of South America which will bring in a wider range and variety of species.

The Coral Nursery Logo Florida The Coral Nursery - Florida - 2/7/07 - The Coral Nursery specializes in aquaculture or the captive raising of small polyp stony corals (SPS), large polyp stony corals (LPS), Xenia, leathers, capnella, star polyps. All corals are grown in their own facility with artificial lighting using readily available light systems. They have rare and colorful varieties of Acropora, Montipora, Stylophora, Pocillopora, Seriatopora, Hydnophora, and Xenia.

PD Natura Logo Indonesia PD. Natura - Indonesia - 2/7/07 - PD. Natura Indonesia specializes in the export & import of fresh water tropical fish for the pet wholesale and aquarium fish industry worldwide. They provide Seasonal/Native Fish e.g. Clown Loach (Botia macracanta), Tiger Fish (Datnioindes microlepis). Breeding Fish e.g. Black Ghost Knife (Apteronotus albifrons), Albino Congo Tetra, Rummy Nose and Injection Fish/Crossing catfish e.g. Tiger Shovelnose Catfish, Perruno Catfish, etc. Other offerings include crayfish, that they call Fresh water Lobster, that are suitable for aquariums because of the many varieties and colors such as black and white (Zebra), Red claw, blue, orange and purple and they also supply live corals and anemones.

Sal's Marine Products - India - 1/31/07 - Sal's Marine Products, is operated by an independent entrepreneur, working from the hub of the world of shells, Tamil Nadu, which allows him to offer an exhaustive list of exclusive sea shells. Working closely with many suppliers enables him to meet large or personalized orders. The selection of shells is vast (exceeding a range of 200).

Mister Aqua (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. - Thailand - 1/27/07 - Mister Aqua (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Is an import/export distributor of live tropical fish begun in 1989 and with 15-years experience in the business of exporting tropical fish from 30 of their own breeding farms situated in various locations in Thailand. With this large number of breeding farms, they are able to provide customers with most species of freshwater fish available in the market. Their breeding farms and collaborative farms have been certified by the Department of Fisheries of Thailand in the national standard and the quality of their products.

Alpine Fishery - California - 1/17/07 - Alpine Fishery specializes in pond fish for outdoor freshwater backyard water gardens, and ponds-fiberglass, preformed, conrete, and for natural ponds and fishing lakes. They have ornamental pond fish, goldfish, koi, and gamefish as well as those for pond maintenance and management. The species include large mouth bass, blue gill, crappie, channel cats, minnows of all sizes, mosquito fish as well as shiners and crayfish. Their truck will deliver fish anywhere in the southwestern U.S. and airship anywhere else.

Mag Noy Ltd. - Israel - 8/23/06 - Mag Noy Limited was established in 1991 as the ornamental fish marketing organization of five separate fish breeders in Israel who pool their knowledge and expertise to provide a comprehensive service to their customers. They are the biggest ornamental fish marketing organization in Israel, shipping millions of fish a year all around the globe supplying a variety of cold water fish, including top Koi, gold fish, and a selection of tropical fish.

Bali Seaworld - Indonesia - 8/17/06 - A specialist in rare and exotic marine fishes, invertebrates and corals. Located in Bali, facilities are only minutes from Denpasar International airport. Quarantine facilities are equipped with the most advanced equipment, maintained by experienced marine specialists. All fishes, inverts, and corals are collected, handled and packed according to MAC standards.

Aqua Scape Online - USA - 3/27/06 - Live tropical fish supplier. Specializing in rare and hard to find Tropical fish from around the world.

Best Amazon Export Fish - Colombia - 3/18/06 - Amazon Export Fish is located in the heart of South America, in the country of Colombia. They focus on exportation of ornamental fish from the Amazon.

Pt Inti Kapuas Arowana, Tbk. - Indonesia - 3/15/06 - PT Inti Kapuas Arowana Tbk. ("IIKP") is one of the largest super red arowana farms with total assets in the range of USD40million. The company is a subsidiary of one of prominent holding company in Indonesia with businesses in infrastructure, finance, and agriculture. The company is also the only tropical fish company publicly listed in the Jakarta Stock Exchange.

Sundaq - Israel - 2/16/06 - Supplier of ornamental fish from Israel including varieties of angelfish, goldfish, guppies, koi, platies, Ancistrus and more.

Stingray Aquarium - Peru - 1/11/06 - Stingray Aquarium is located in the heart of South America, in Peru . The company's focus is on the exportation of ornamental fish from the Amazon offering an extensive selection of fish. They operate a modem and specialized facility with qualified staff in charge of the selection process of recently extracted fish from the Amazon River. Fish are classified by their variety and taken to the tanks and aquariums, where they stay for a period of 2 to 3 weeks until they reach optimum quality conditions for exportation. Through their water treatment process, they control the critical parameters on ornamental fish from the Amazon. These parameters include pH, hardness and temperature. Each unit has its own filtration and aeration systems. All orders that are sent provide information on the parameters for each kind or fish.

P & Y Discus Co., Ltd. - Thailand - 12/20/05 - P&Y Discus Co., established in 1975 farms all species of discus fish including Blue Diamond, Pegion Blood, Pegion Pearl, Red Melon, Tomato, White Diamond, White Red, Leopard, Leopard Snake Skin, Zebra, Golden Leopard Snake Skin and Gold Master etc. Their current facility has been increased to 300 tanks and they export internationally.

Milan Ullman - Czech Republic - 12/12/05 - Exporter of tropical fish to wholesalers in Europe as well as Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan and the United States. Their tropical fish come from over 1000 breeders across the Czech Republic. All tropical aquarium fish are aquarium raised by professionals having small aquatic farms. They are able to supply about 1000 different species.

Eastern India Aquarists - India - 5/21/05 - Eastern India Aquarists is a company having its trade interests in the field of Pets. We Export, wholesale and trade in Live fishes, Its accessories, equipments. Based in Calcutta, since 2000 we have been exporting Live ornamental fishes for last few years with good response and with a view of enlarging its market presence the company has teamed up with several companies in Srilanka, Malayasia,Indonessia.

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