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    The top exporter of tropical ornamental fish & invertebrates,clams,corals, Vietnam.

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    marine fish exporter

    Breeding Angelfish

    Angelfish Wild Pair

    At one time or another almost every tropical fish hobbyist makes an attempt at breeding angelfish. It is easy to understand why, since angelfish are one of our most beautiful tropical fish, are relatively easy to care for, make a great show piece, come in many varieties and even fetches a good price at pet shops. With this much going for it, it is no wonder the angelfish attracts so many would-be angelfish breeders.Breeding Anglefish details.

    The Angelfish Diseases Guide

    Angelfish Pair

    Integrative Approach to Cichlid Biodiversity - 5/1/15 - In depth scietific article about Lake Tanganyika cichlids in pdf form.

    Tropical & Marine Fish Articles

    Recommended Feisty Tropical Fish for Your Tank

    The Six-Barred Distichodus is a large fish species that can grow up to 2 feet in their natural habitat. Originally from the Congo River and Lake Tanganyika, their scientific name is Distichodus sexfasciatus but they are widely known as the Six-Barred Distichodus fish and some people prefer to call them "Crown Tetra" for short. Read the full story here.

    Pethia conchonius (Hamilton, 1822) A candidate species of freshwater ornamental fish trade - An update

    Tropical fresh water fishes contribute 80-90% of the world market, the rest being supported by tropical marine and brackish water species. Rosy Barbs are found in lakes and fast flowing waters in subtropical parts of Asia. Read the full story here.