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The top exporter of tropical ornamental fish & invertebrates,clams,corals, Vietnam.

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Wholesale Tropical Fish Trade Offers

INDIAN OCEAN MARINE FISHES FOR SALE seaworldcentre 2016-23-08 10:18
Now Exporting; Red Sea Marine Tropical Fishes Red Sea Marine Tropical Fishes 2016-17-08 08:14
Looking for exporters of coral and marine fish aquariumimportsnz 2016-09-08 06:29
Jack Dempsey babies dcweber 2016-29-07 22:28
Exporter of Live Tropical Fish and Inverts STAR 2016-27-07 02:29
Ricordea floridae marinelifebelize 2016-15-07 08:28
Looking for a importer on LTF and coral @bagusarya94 2016-24-05 02:49
marine fish export aquatropic04 2016-17-05 21:49
we are wholesaler fish marine balifishmarine 2016-16-05 09:07
Wanted: Ribboned Seadragon (Haliichthys taeniophorus) Zebrasoma 2016-12-05 12:06
Looking for exporter of Red Sea fishes tropica 2016-09-04 08:14
Looking exporter for Chaetodontoplus conspicillatus Australia tropica 2016-09-04 08:12

Breeding Angelfish

Angelfish Wild Pair

At one time or another almost every tropical fish hobbyist makes an attempt at breeding angelfish. It is easy to understand why, since angelfish are one of our most beautiful tropical fish, are relatively easy to care for, make a great show piece, come in many varieties and even fetches a good price at pet shops. With this much going for it, it is no wonder the angelfish attracts so many would-be angelfish breeders.Breeding Anglefish details.

The Angelfish Diseases Guide

Angelfish Pair

Integrative Approach to Cichlid Biodiversity - 5/1/15 - In depth scietific article about Lake Tanganyika cichlids in pdf form.

New Clownfish Supplier Listing: Splash Farm

Splash Farm - Arava, Israel

Splash Farm - Arava, Israel - 7/29/15 - Specialists in producing strong, healthy and colorful Clownfish for the marine aquarium hobby and Guppies for the freshwater aquarium hobby, using advanced filtration systems, enriched and diverse nutrition. Splash Farm hatchery is located in the sunny Arava valley, Israel. All of our broodstock was born on the farm; the juveniles are bred and grown in climate controlled tanks with constant supervision of water quality parameters.

New Marine Fish & Invertebrate Supplier Listing: Reefformula

Reefformula - Caldas da Rainha, Portugal

Reefformula - Caldas da Rainha, Portugal - 3/10/15 - Producers of Reefformula salt, tested and used by UTAD, imported fish and invertebrates. We have facilities approved and licensed for the import of marine animals. We export and sell to retailers in Portugal and Spain, our commitment is to offer quality and competitive conditions to our partners.

New Equipment Supplier Listing: BubbleMac Industries Inc.

BubbleMac Industries Inc. - Minneola, Florida

BubbleMac Industries Inc. - Minneola, Florida - 7/14/14 - BubbleMac produces high quality air diffusers and aeration products in their facility in Central Florida since January 2000. Over 3.5 million of their air diffusers have been distributed for ponds and aquariums. Custom orders and design work are welcome for their 100% American made products.

Tropical & Marine Fish Articles

Recommended Feisty Tropical Fish for Your Tank

The Six-Barred Distichodus is a large fish species that can grow up to 2 feet in their natural habitat. Originally from the Congo River and Lake Tanganyika, their scientific name is Distichodus sexfasciatus but they are widely known as the Six-Barred Distichodus fish and some people prefer to call them "Crown Tetra" for short. Read the full story here.

Pethia conchonius (Hamilton, 1822) A candidate species of freshwater ornamental fish trade - An update

Tropical fresh water fishes contribute 80-90% of the world market, the rest being supported by tropical marine and brackish water species. Rosy Barbs are found in lakes and fast flowing waters in subtropical parts of Asia. Read the full story here.

Live Foods For The Larval Rearing Of Freshwater Ornamental Fishes

Feeding management plays a critical role in the success of fish culture. The controlled production of larvae from captive brood stock or the hatchery production of fry has now become a routine operation for most of the ornamental fishes. Read the full story here.

Caudal Peduncle Disease

This disease first progresses as a grey, patchy, discolored area on the caudal peduncle (tail area). It almost appears as Columnaris disease or a fungal disorder. Patchy, and fluffy in appearance. Advanced stages may appear bloody, or the sloughing off of skin and scales. Read the full story here.

MYCOBACTERIOSIS: Fish Tuberculosis

Mycobacteriosis is worldwide in distribution. All fish species should be considered susceptible. Some are more susceptible than others, like gouramis, neon tetras, discus and labyrinth air breathers. Read the full story here.

Blue Eyes: "A Suitable Community Tank Cichlid"

Marine aquarium - a new trend in aquarium keeping hobby?

It is passionate and amazing to note that it keeps the hobbyists as crazy over it as with its simple nature of attraction; its colour patterns, elegant swimming styles, hi-tech body shapes, and admirable behaviors remain distinguishing features over freshwater fish. Marine Aquarium details

marine aquarium


Breeding Banggai Cardinals (Pterapogon kauderrni)

Adult Banggai Cardinal (Pterapogon kauderrni)

An insight into breeding of the Banaggai Cardinal fish and the rearing of the spawn. This is a species of clown fish that is not found in abundance and is difficult to breed. Breeding Banggai Cardinals details.


Marine Aquarium Council

The Marine Aquarium Council (MAC) is an international, not-for-profit organization that brings marine aquarium animal collectors, exporters, importers and retailers together with aquarium keepers, public aquariums, conservation organizations and government agencies.. Marine Aquarium Council (MAC) certified species details.

South American Cichlids - Flower Horn Fish

Flower Horn Fish

Flower Horn Fish or Luo Han which is popularly known, has taken the aquatic world (particularly in the South East Asian region) by storm within the last two years. Its popularity is gaining momentum day by day, and it is set to be an internationally known fish as can be compared with the likes of the Discus Fish and Arowana.

Background information

  The Flower Horn Fish

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