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New listings of Fish Suppliers for the Seafood and Aquaculture Fish industry worldwide.

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New Wholesale Fish Suppliers

  • Happy Crab Seafood Inc. - Portland, Oregon Happy Crab Seafood Inc. - Portland, Oregon - 12/29/14 - Established in 1988, Oregon's premier wholesaler of live and processed Dungeness Crab and crawfish. Happy Crab Seafoods is the oldest company in the Live Crab Industry in Oregon. Live and value added products are our specialty. HACCP certified and the first member of the Marine Stewardship Council for live crab in the State of Oregon, promoting sustainability of the Dungeness Crab Fishery. We buy live crab from California, Washington, Oregon, and Alaska. We attempt to have live crab 12 months of the year (weather dependent).

  • L'Argonaute  - Boulogne-sur-Mer, France L'Argonaute - Boulogne-sur-Mer, France - 12/23/14 - We offer a large selection of fresh, chilled fish from small inshore fisheries to wholesale clients in France, Europe and most other destinations. We guarantee a large selection of top quality fresh fish products: Dover Sole, Turbot, Brill, John Dory, Line caught Bass, Red Mullet, Monk tail, Wild Gilt Head sea Bream, Squid, Octopus, Cod, etc.

  • Ceylon Sea Harvest - Katana, Sri Lanka Ceylon Sea Harvest - Katana, Sri Lanka - 11/18/14 - Ceylon Sea Harvest is based in the western province of Sri Lanka in Negombo which is the most popular city for fishing in Sri Lanka. We mainly collect our fish at Negombo harbour but also at other local fishing boat harbours in Sri Lanka as we always sort the fish according to quality at the boat. Ceylon Sea Harvest ensures complete HACCP analysis is conducted and a HACCP plan is implemented in our whole fish process. Species offered include Barramundi, Blue Crab, KingFish, Mahi Mahi, Snapper, Tilapia, Tuna etc.

  •  Biomega AS - Bergen, Norway Biomega AS - Bergen, Norway - 10/30/14 - Biomega AS is the leading Norwegian producer of high quality Salmon Meal, Salmon oil, and marine peptones for the pet food industry. The products are food grade, and delivered to Premium, Super Premium and Veterinary Pet Food Producers World Wide.

  •  FLAquaponics, LLC. - Deerfield Beach, Florida FLAquaponics LLC. - Deerfield Beach, Florida - 4/28/14 - All of our Blue Tilapia are farm raised. We are a STATE inspected and DISEASE Free facility located in Deerfield Beach, Florida. FL Aquaponics does not utilize any hormones at our tilapia hatchery and we feed only high quality tilapia feeds that are free of any hormone addition. We produce tilapia fingerlings naturally and safely. Our tilapia is free of artificial genetic modification.

  • Globalresourcestrader Corporation - DSM Nutritional Products - Basel, Switzerland DSM Nutritional Products - Basel, Switzerland - 4/7/14 - DSM is a global science based company active in health, nutrition and materials. By connecting its unique competences in Life Sciences and Materials Sciences DSM is driving economic prosperity, environmental progress and social advances to create sustainable value for all stakeholders. DSM delivers innovative solutions that nourish, protect and improve performance, sustainability and profitability.

  • Globalresourcestrader Corporation - Bali, Indonesia Globalresourcestrader Corporation - Bali, Indonesia - 2/1/14 - Globalresourcestrader is not only in the fish culture industry but also processing plants for marine and other sea products. Fish farms, warehouses, processing plants, laboratories and offices are spread out over Sumatra and towards the Southern part of Indonesia. Supplier of Cobia, Tuna, MilkFish, Seaweeds, Grouper spp. Juvenile, eggs & hybrids.

  • Goyberpesca - El Puerto de Santa Maria, Spain Goyberpesca - El Puerto de Santa Maria, Spain - 1/9/14 - Goyberpesca, founded in 2010, is dedicated to the production and distribution of seafood, specifically cephalopods. All products comply with European Union regulations. We select and elaborate octopus from the best fishing grounds in the world, mainly from the FAO 34, between the maritime fringes of Morocco and Gulf of Cadiz.

  • PT. SIG ASIA - Bitung, Indonesia PT. SIG ASIA - Bitung, Indonesia - 12/10/13 - Located in the northern coast of Sulawesi-Indonesia, SIG ASIA was established in 2008. Their main products include; Yellowfin tuna loins, saku blocks, steaks and cubes, fresh-chilled, frozen, treated and non-treated.

  • Dong Tam Fisheries Processing Company - Hochiminh City, Viet Nam Dong Tam Fisheries Processing Company - Hochiminh City, Viet Nam - 11/26/13 - Dong Tam Fisheries Processing supplies Pangasius fillets, whole round, chunks, skewers, IQF to your specifications - MSC & ASC certified.

  • Doung Vu Int'l Ltd - Hochiminh City, Viet Nam Doung Vu Int'l Ltd - Hochiminh City, Viet Nam - 10/23/13 - With more than ten years experience, specialists in dried fish maw and sea cucumber, Doung Vu Int'l Ltd supplies wholesale dried fish maw and sea cucumber.

  • Les Huitres Alain COURDAVAULT - Ile d'Oleron, France Les Huitres Alain COURDAVAULT - Ile d'Oleron, France - 9/16/13 - Huitres Alain Courdavault benefits from the experience of three generations of oyster farmers and gives you the best of the Marennes Oleron oysters. Their oysters have been awarded the prestigious Label Rouge a sign of quality assurance in France. The farm is on 4.5 hectares on the east coast of the ile d'Oleron and has premises of 300 m2 shipping out nearly 450 tons of oysters each year.

  • Coastal Catch Exports & Imports - Cochin, India Coastal Catch Exports & Imports - Cochin, India - 8/9/13 - Coastal Catch, with almost 30 years of experience in seafood exporting, is one of the leading exporters in the Indian sub-continent exporting to more than 25 countries worldwide. Some major products include tunas, processed shrimps, cuttlefish, mackerel and more.

  • Renhua Seafood Co. Ltd. - Weihai, Shandong, China Renhua Seafood Co. Ltd. - Weihai, Shandong, China - 5/10/13 - Renhua Seafood offers service in frozen, bulk, pre-packaged, and private label products under a comprehensive and highly recognized variety of brand names. Offerings include Fresh Hairtail, Squid, and Yellow Croaker.

  • Aquataga Fishing Pty Ltd - Walvis Bay, Namibia Aquataga Fishing Pty Ltd - Walvis Bay, Namibia - 4/15/13 - Namibia is surrounded by some of the cleanest waters in the world, the cold Southern Atlantic Ocean adjoining Antarctica. These deep sea waters are the most pristine habitat for deep sea Crabs, Lobsters, Shellfish and Premium Fresh Fish. A cross-section of aqua-cultured products are available together with Live / Fresh Pacific Oysters, Fresh Blue / Black Mussels.

  • Quality Marine Foods - Ensenada, Mexico Quality Marine Foods - Ensenada, Mexico - 3/30/13 - Quality Marine Foods of Ensenada, Mexico offers Geoduck Clam from San Felipe, San Quintin and San Carlos, Caribbean Lobster, Red Spiny Lobster, Sea Cucumber, Floridana, Fuscus, Badehonathus, Squid, Fish Maw and Jelly Fish.

  • AG Fresh And Frozen Fish S.L. - Malaga, Spain AG Fresh And Frozen Fish S.L. - Malaga, Spain - 3/11/13 - AG Fresh And Frozen Fish S.L. is a company that commercializes frozen fish of South America. Was born in Mar del Plata, Argentina, in the year 2003. The head office is now in Malaga, Spain and we have distribution networks in different countries of the World.

  • Hainan Xintaisheng Industry Co., Ltd - Hainan, China Hainan Xintaisheng Industry Co., Ltd - Hainan, China - 2/28/13 - Founded in Aug, 2005, Hainan Xintaisheng Industry Co., Ltd. is a Taiwan-Hainan Joint-venture company specialized in tilapia processing; Our products are mainly exported to USA, Mexico, Israel and the European Union countries. With our premium quality products, we are one of the leading exporters of tilapia products in Hainan Province.

  • JPL Shellfish - Caithness, Scotland JPL Shellfish - Caithness, Scotland - 1/16/13 - JPL Shellfish exports live shellfish across Europe and Asia on a weekly basis and also supplies wholesalers, hotels, restaurants and catering establishments across the UK. We have two retail fish shops and a retail van which offers a door-to-door service across the north of Scotland.

  • Go Dang Seafood Co.,Ltd (GODACO) - Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Go Dang Seafood Co.,Ltd (GODACO) - Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam - 1/1/13 - Godaco owns three seafood processing factories, employing over 2,000 well-trained workers, one fish-feed processing plant and one fishmeal & fishoil processing plant. Monthly capacity is up to 2.500 MT frozen seafood products, 500 MT to 2,000 MT of pangasius fishoil and pangasius fishmeal per month. Certifications include: ISO 9001, HACCP, GMP, HALAL, SQF, BRC, IFS, GLOBAL GAP, MSC (for Clams), ASC. Key products include: clams, arkshell & pangasius.

  • Copesma Congelados SL - Ponteareas, Spain Copesma Congelados SL - Ponteareas, Spain - 8/21/12 - Copesma Frozen, located in Vigo Spain, is an import / export and marketing company of frozen fish products and their derivatives. With a history of more than twenty years in fish handling and material equipment, Copesma Frozen provides mackerel, sardines, cuttlefish, clam, Galician mussel and more to their international customers. Their location is in a region with great fishing tradition allows them to maintain an extensive relationship with the Galician fleet inshore. Frozen Copesma is able to present their products in the most varied forms for presentation to consumers (cut, glaze, bagging, sanitized, sorted, cooked, filleting, IQF , etc.).

  • Ducamar Spain S.L.U. - Santander, Spain Ducamar Spain S.L.U. - Santander, Spain - 8/15/12 - Ducamar Spain S.L., based in Santander on the coast of Cantabrian Sea is an exporter of frozen fish from local catches FAO27 North Spain. We export commercial fish species, Atlantic Mackerel, Chub Mackerel, Horse Mackerel, Bogue and Salema, also high quality Anchovy Paste and Carp Pituitary Extract (CPE glands). Our main customers are frozen fish processors and wholesalers from Central and Eastern Europe and Africa.

  • SC Pastraviorul Impex SRL - Ploiesti, Romania SC Pastraviorul Impex SRL - Ploiesti, Romania - 8/7/12 - Pastraviorul Impex SRL - are known on the Romanian market as a supplier of fresh fish. We have a large variety of fish for sale, such as carp, bighead carp, skin, trout, salmon, mullet, sardines, etc. With over 8 years experience, we provide fresh fish for both the micro level through Central Market stores in Ploiesti, and at the macro level - functioning as reliable suppliers of small and medium sized merchants as well as importing throughout the EU.

  • Deluxe Limitada - Santiago, Chile Deluxe Limitada - Santiago, Chile - 6/4/12 - Supplier of Live & Frozen Chilean Lobster originating in Juan Fernandez Islands of Chile. Sizes range from 23 cm up to 40 cm from 0.7 kg up to 1.0 kg.

  • American Samoa Seafood - Los Altos, California American Samoa Seafood - Los Altos, California - 6/4/12 - American Samoa Seafood is a leader in fresh seafood distribution of high quality seafood from throughout the South Pacific. Products include Albacore, Dorado, Snapper, Sole, Swordfish, Tuna etc. in various presentation forms as Loins, WR, HGT, H&G, Steaks, Saku, Sashimi and more.

  • Baruna Kencana - Surabaya, Indonesia Baruna Kencana - Surabaya, Indonesia - 5/30/12 - Baruna Kencana, established in 1998, is a small company with many fisherman spread throughout the Islands of East Indonesia. We are ready to export worldwide to fulfill International market demand for selected seafood products. Currently shipping Abalone, Spiny Lobster, Pacific King Mackerel and Sea Cucumber.

  • Foison Seafood International Co., Ltd. - Kaohsiung, Taiwan Foison Seafood International Co., Ltd. - Kaohsiung, Taiwan - 4/14/12 - "Foison Seafood International Co., Ltd." was established and operated by "Shye Sin Machine Factory" and "Shang Li Fishery Co., Ltd.". "Shye Sin Machine Factory" is a family owned enterprise of over 50 years covering steel manufacturing, construction and far ocean fishery specializing in catching Illex Squid, Pacific Saury, Tuna and Shark etc. "Shang Li Fishery Co., Ltd." also established over 50 years, covers far ocean fishery and seafood products commerce. They specialize in aquaculture raising of Tilapia, Milk Fish, Grouper, Barramundi (sea bass) on 200 acres of fishing farms, as well as processing these products.

  • Seafreeze Ltd - Davisville, Rhode Island Seafreeze Ltd - Davisville, Rhode Island - 4/6/12 - Located in Davisville, Rhode Island, U.S.A., we have a cold storage facility on a deep water port in Davisville, Rhode Island that has a capacity of 25 million pounds. Seafreeze has two fishing vessels, f/v Relentless and f/v Persistence, which specialize in Frozen at Sea (FAS) process. Our vessels catch Atlantic Mackerel, Atlantic Herring, Illex squid, Loligo squid, Butterfish, Atlantic Sea scallops, Sockeye salmon, Pacific cod, Alaskan sablefish and top shell (scungilli).

  • International Development and Investment Corporation (IDI) - Dong Thap, Viet Nam International Development and Investment Corporation (IDI) -Dong Thap, Viet Nam - 4//3/12 - IDI, set up in 2003, has been transforming its economic structure and expanding its operations into farming, processing and exporting frozen seafood items. Establishing three seafood processing factories, total capacity of the three factories is 1.800 tons of input materials per day. IDI has invested in many supporting workshops like by-product processing workshop, package workshop, aquatic feed processing workshop and seafood farming workshop etc. Their main products are Pangasius steaks, rolls, fillets and portions.

  • Diamond Fish LTDA - Canete, Chile Diamond Aquaculture LTDA - Canete, Chile - 2//27/12 - Diamond Fish is the result of the wide experience of the founder, Luis Araneda as a fisherman, who traded his own production in Chile. Fish is caught in a sustainable way and then processed in such a way to avoid altering its characteristics, thus obtaining a product of high quality and purity.

  • Anglesey Aquaculture Ltd - Beaumaris, Wales Anglesey Aquaculture Ltd - Beaumaris, Wales - 2//24/12 - As well as being the only producer of sea bass in the United Kingdom, Anglesey Aquaculture is also the country's foremost supplier of fresh, sustainably farmed sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax) to the UK market. Our farm produces exceptionally healthy and nutrient rich sea bass while having minimal impact on the local natural environment. The company grows its sea bass in an environment that guarantees optimum quality fish. Its sophisticated monitoring and control system guarantees critical water quality parameters and ensures that all Anglesey Sea Bass live in the healthiest, safest and most comfortable environment possible.

  • Sky Reach Seafood Corp - Brooklyn, NY, USA Sky Reach Seafood Corp - Brooklyn, NY, USA - 2//14/12 - Sky Reach Seafood, founded in May of 2010, is a seafood manufacturing and import/export company. We carry a variety of seafood products. Whether fresh, frozen, dry or live. SkyReach is also an exclusive distributor of the Furry Sea Cucumber of the Caribbean.

  • Eastern Quality Seafood LLC - Garwood, NJ, USA Eastern Quality Seafood LLC - Garwood NJ USA - 1//17/12 - Eastern Quality Seafood is dedicated to bringing the highest quality seafood available to our customers. Our goal is to supply the best at the best price and develop a lasting relationship with our customers. We offer a complete line of Kosher and non-Kosher seafood and a large assortment of shellfish. Eastern Quality Seafood reaches out globally to complete the large list of products made available to our customers. Product list consists of variety of fresh, frozen and smoked fish.

  • Zhejiang Taizhou Tianjiu Aquatic products Co., Ltd - Taizhou, China Kihada Fisheries Co., Ltd.Zhejiang Taizhou Tianjiu Aquatic products Co., Ltd - Taizhou, China - 1/5/12 - Located in Taizhou, Zhejiang, China with more than 10 years experience in the field, Tianjiu company is a leading provider of the following frozen seafoods: Mackerel, Monkfish, Saba-fugu, Horse Mackerel, Spanish Mackerel, Bonito, Yellow Croaker, Hairtail, Squid, Swimming crab, Red Shrimp peeled, Tilapia and Tilapia fillets, lobster and more.

  • Kihada Fisheries Co., Ltd. - U.S.A. Kihada Fisheries Co., Ltd. - U.S.A. - 12/10/11 - Kihada Fisheries Co., Ltd. is an organization engaged in multiple segments of the seafood trade as well as the pelagic and near-shore fisheries sector. Being direct buyers, importers, exporters, distributors, and traders of high seas and near-shore seafood products gives Kihada Fisheries Co., Ltd. a strategic position in the world wide seafood economy.We give special attention to trading products of pelagic origin such as, Yellowfin Tuna, Bigeye Tuna, Albacore, Skipjack, Mahi Mahi, Wahoo, Marlin, Swordfish, etc.

  • Eastern Fisheries, Inc. - New Bedford, Massachusetts Eastern Fisheries, Inc. - New Bedford, Massachusetts - 12/1/11 - Eastern Fisheries is the premier supplier of scallops in the world and it currently operates 23 scallop vessels. Owns and operates three waterfront plants in New Bedford, Mass., and a processing facility and scallop farm in China handling approximately 20 million pounds of scallops each year. Eastern recently introduced wild-caught Alaska flatfish to its offerings. In a further move to diversify its seafood, the company dedicated one of its New Bedford plants to the processing and distribution of N. Atlantic monkfish, dogfish, and skate. MSC Certified.

  • Dans Fish, Inc. - Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin Dans Fish, Inc. - Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin - 11/23/11 - Dans Fish, Inc., is a family operated business that specializes in fresh water fish. The company processes, distributes, exports and imports seafood from all over the world. It also manufactures value added products such as breaded seafood and cheese and manufactures specialty products such as the Great Lakes whitefish as well as various fish roes.

  • SONG BIEN CO., LTD (SOBICO VN) - Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam SONG BIEN CO., LTD (SOBICO VN) - Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam - 11/11/11 - SOBICO is known as a seafood based business with over 10 years of experience in breeding and raising pangasius (tra & basa fish) in the Mekong Delta region (South Vietnam); barramundi (seabass) and fresh-water shrimps in the Center of Vietnam with many fish & shrimp ponds. They are a seafood processor and supplier producing and exporting frozen Pangasius, Barramundi, Shrimps (white vannamei & black tiger), and other value-added products, Mahi mahi, Tilapia, Parrot fish, & Snake Head fish to overseas markets. Their products are always strictly checked by NAFIQAVED before shipment and their factory undergoes quality control systems which comprise : HACCP, HALAL, ISO 9001 : 2000, FDA, CFIA & EU export license (DL 101).

  • Silver Seafood International - Karach, Pakistan Silver Seafood International - Karach, Pakistan - 10/26/11 - Omega Enterprises has been working in the seafood industry since 1971 providing fresh, frozen and live seafood and is approved by the Marine Fisheries Department, which is the Government body that controls the Seafood Industry. The Factory has a seafood processing area of 800 sq. meters, quick freezing capacity of 40 tons on a daily basis and a storage facility of 300 Tons.

  • Guangdong Yujia Seafood Co,Ltd - Huazhou Guangdong, China Guangdong Yujia Seafood Co,Ltd - Huazhou Guangdong, China - 10/7/11 - Established in 2009, Guangdong Yujia Seafood Co is located in the Tilapia Capital of China---Maoming, Guangdong. They have four advanced extended production lines with a capacity to process 110 tons raw tilapia per day and freeze 200 tons of product per day and a cold storage capacity of nearly 3000 tons. All products are processed and managed strictly following the China export food hygiene standards and instructions including the U.S. HACCP123 and EU (2004/852/EC, 2004/853/EC, 2004/854/EC.

  • Northern Indiana Aquaproducts - Elkhart, Indiana Northern Indiana Aquaproducts - Elkhart, Indiana - 9/29/11 - Northern Indiana Aquaproducts, located in northern Indiana, employs Indoor Intensive Aquaculture, a method of raising seafood that maintains constant and precise control over all environmental variables. They can produce 35,000 lbs. of fresh seafood annually enabling them to deliver a fresh, never frozen filet. The produce is raised in a sterile and nontoxic environment with no pesticides or herbicides that contribute to better tasting and safer products.

  • Zhanjiang Guolian Aquatic Products Co., Ltd. - Guangdong , China Zhanjiang Guolian Aquatic Products Co., Ltd. - Guangdong, China - 9/20/11 - Zhanjiang Guolian Aquatic Products Co., Ltd., established in 2001, has developed into a complex of aquatic seeds, feed, breeding, processing, trade, and scientific research as one of the large-scale modern agricultural enterprise groups in China. They have built in Guangdong Province aquatic product processing engineering centers, and the Guolian aquaculture (breeding) Research Centre, Guolian Testing Center, and other R & D institutions, with total assets of 800 million yuan, and more than 5,000 employees.

  • Stark Fish Inc. - Canning, NS Canada Pearlmark Foods - Canning, NS Canada - 7/12/11 - Pearlmark Foods, Established in 1985 with a head office in Montreal, Quebec, is a primary producer of Atlantic Canadian fresh frozen fish and seafood as well as an importer and exporter of frozen seafood from around the globe. Through offices in Nova Scotia, Pearlmark sources quality raw materials which are then processed by HACCP approved plants that are regularly inspected by quality control staff. In North America they sell to wholesalers, food service distributors, supermarkets and restaurant chains.

  • Stark Fish Inc. - Flushing, NY Stark Fish Inc. - Flushing, NY - 7/6/11 - Stark Fish Inc., has been a privately owned and operated New York City business for over 35 years. They are known to be one of the very first to import Branzino (Mediterranean sea bass) and Dorade (Mediterranean sea bream) into the fish markets of New York City. Located in Queens, New York with their own fleet of trucks they supply high quality fish and fresh & frozen seafood on a daily basis to restaurants in all 5 boroughs of New York, as well as to the fish markets, chain stores and other quality selective institutions across the United States.

  • Shireen Exports - Mangalore, India Shireen Exports - Mangalore, India - 6/7/11 - Started in 1985, Shireen Exports is a Government of India ISO 9001:2008 certified facility processing fish oils, fish meal and fish solubles. They employ over 150 people with a processing capacity of more than 400 tonnes per day using state-of-the-art technology. Their is an in-house research and Development Micro Laboratory that works in line with a standard set of research methodologies adopted by research Institutes in India and abroad to carry out analysis of various products. The company is a 100% export oriented, packing products under strict conditions of hygiene and quality.

  • Samrajya Fisheries - Mumbai, India Samrajya Fisheries - Mumbai, India - 6/6/11 - Samrajya Fisheries processes Fresh and Frozen seafood in their modern packaging and processing plant, accredited by HACCP, EU, USFDA and ISO, located in Southern and Western India near major ports and airport. They maintain a fleet of Tuna longliners and fishing vessels equipped with modern technology for catching, treating and storing fish. State of the art laboratory testing for microorganisms, antibiotics etc. is utilized and customized packaging services (Buyers Brand, Label etc.) is readily available to buyers.

  • Juan Roqueta E Hijos S.A. - Barcelona, Spain Juan Roqueta E Hijos S.A. - Barcelona, Spain - 5/25/11 - Juan Roqueta E Hijos S.A. a wholesale company, founded twenty years ago, has a team of more than sixty professionals and specialists, dedicated to imports and exports, marketing, handling and distribution of the best fish and seafood. With important national and international agreements with fishing fleets around the world, from the north of Europe to the south of Africa, their exclusive agreements allow the marketing of more than sixty tons of fresh and frozen fish and seafood daily for its clients, such as retail, wholesale, distributors, supermarkets chains, etc. They have the widest range of products on offer in the Barcelona Central Fish Market, in a sole marketing point, where its clients can find the best of fish and seafood, for its variety as well as for its quality. A team of professionals and specialists dedicated to your requests and enquires is available twenty four hours a day, three hundred and sixty five days a year.

  • Westin Commercials - Cochin, India Westin Commercials - Cochin, India - 4//12/11 - Westin Commercials is an International seafood trading & exporting company based at Cochin, India and is known as a key Tuna supplier to canneries in Oman, Libya, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Japan, Sri Lanka, Spain, Portugal, Italy South Africa. All their suppliers are EU HACCP, FDA approved companies conforming to the highest international standards for quality and delivery for better confidence and business.

  • Stickleback Fish Co. Ltd - Potters Bar, UK Stickleback Fish Co. Ltd - Potters Bar, UK - 3//10/11 - Based in Potters Bar, Hertfordshire, The Stickleback Fish Co. Ltd., is a modern wholesale business offering a spectacular selection of seafood, from local favorites to exotic imports from around the globe. The majority of fish are local "day-boat fish", fish brought in by small boats during short day or night expeditions. Because of demand for fish from outside the UK, they source a variety of fish from around the world. Staff can help you with the preparation of your products ie; fillet, portion, debone or butterfly (to name but a few), whatever the size of your business

  • Southport Potted Shrimps - Southport, Lancashire, UK Southport Potted Shrimps - Southport, Lancashire, UK - 1//10/11 - "Southport Potted Shrimps", founded in 1980, uses locally caught brown shrimp and through careful selection of shrimps from the district they are able to provide a consistent, high quality product. From the moment the shrimps are caught, from processing to manufacturing the quality control is maintained by Mr Peet - Director of Southport Shrimps. The product is manufactured to very high biological standard in keeping with the traditional industry and comply with all Environmental Health and European legislation for food hygiene. By carefully balancing the supplies of shrimps they are able to offer continuity of supply. The business is a member of the Shellfish Association of Great Britain (SAGB).

  • Shediac Fresh Seafood Inc. - New Brunswick, Canada Shediac Fresh Seafood Inc. - New Brunswick, Canada - 12/30/10 - Located in the Lobster Capital of the world in Shediac, New Brunswick, Canada, Shediac Fresh Seafood Inc., supplies a wide range of seafoods as well as an extensive selection of lobsters. The company is a wholesaler, distributor and marketer of Canadian Seafood. A Health Canada Certificate is issued with every shipment certifying all products to ensure quality and freshness. Their logistics arrangements use the shortest transit times to ship orders worldwide including Europe, Asia and the Americas.

  • Aishu Fish - Madurai, India Aishu Fish - Madurai, India - 12/20/10 - Aishufish is a trading company supplying a wide range of seafood products from nine coastal states of India working on behalf of seafood importers, overseas distributers and their time to time requirements. They supply a complete range of seafood products and also shrimps as listed: Black Tiger, Sea Tiger, Vannamei, White, Flower, Pink, Brown, Scampi, Goinor, Deep sea, Karikkadi, Poovallen etc. Specifications - HOSO, HL, PUD, PD, Raw PDTO, Cooked PDTO, Cooked PD, Easy peel, Butterfly, Marinated, Skewers - Block, Semi IQF, IQF-All types of consumer packing.

  • Rcg Seafood Co.Ltd - Istanbul, Turkey Rcg Seafood Co.Ltd - Istanbul, Turkey - 12/3/10 - Rcg Seafood Co supplies wild caught seafood from Senegal and Mauritania, shipping to the United States with certificate of origin and Europe with EUR1 certificates. Product specifications includes whole fish, fillets, cephalopods, crustaceans, mollusks, both fresh and frozen. Species include: white grouper, thiof, sword fish, shark, big eye tuna, yellow fin tuna, ribbon fish, mackerel, horse mackerel, red sea bream, blue fish, squid, calamar, cutllefish, octopus, parrot fish, mahi mahi, crocker, hogfish, sole fish, baracuda, tiger shrimp, whiteshrimp, lobster, red mullet, St pierre, yellow grouper, skipjack, bonito, merlan, fillet seafoods & frozen seafoods.

  • SeaFactory - United States SeaFactory - United States - 11/18/10 - Sea Factory imports and distributes a wide variety of frozen seafood and associated value-added products. They work directly with and represent several processing plants in South America suppling the demand from a full line of Seafood to importers and wholesalers, direct from the processing plants at a very competitive price in the market. Distribution channels are in the USA, Canada, Caribbean and Central America.

  • Sursan - Samsun, Turkey Sursan - Samsun, Turkey - 10/22/10 - Sursan, an ISO certified company, produces fishmeal and fish oil with daily production of fish processing capacity of over 2000 ton/day. They are able to process fresh fish consistently by growing sea bream and sea bass with a total annual capacity of 2500 tons.

  • Fish International Sourcing House Pte Ltd - Singapore Fish International Sourcing House Pte Ltd - Singapore - 9/20/10 - Headquartered in Singapore, FISH is an international seafood company with proecessing facilities and offices in China, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Thailand. They specialize in the manufacturing, distribution, import and export of high quality deep frozen seafood products. Main markets include China, the European Union, Middle-East, Russia and South-East Asia.

  • Tri-Tee Seafoods Exports Pvt. Ltd. - Palluruthy, Kochin Tri-Tee Seafoods Exports Pvt. Ltd. - Palluruthy, Kochin - 8/15/10 - A major exporter of seafood such as Shrimp, Cuttlefish, Squid, Fish and other varieties. Now, freely available in the Japanese, American and European markets. Availabile in both Block Frozen and IQF form. Its factory, situated at Palluruthy in Cochin houses state-of-the-art Plate freezers, Blast freezers, Ice flake machine and other sophisticated machines. Meets US-FDA, EU and HACCP standards.

  • RobinUniversal Corp. - Coleys Point, Newfoundland - Canada RobinUniversal Corp. - Coleys Point, Newfoundland - Canada - 8/4/10 - Robin Universal is a Canadian, trading company dealing with frozen fish caught either in the Atlantic or Pacific. They have over 20 years experience exporting from Canada and third countries. Products include: Alaska Pollock, Pacific/Atlantic Halibut, Whiting, Sardines, Capelin, Hake, Cod, Tuna, Mackeral, Tilapia to name a few from their long list of products.

  • Cantho Import-Export Seafood JSC. (CASEAMEX) - Can Tho - Viet Nam Cantho Import-Export Seafood JSC. (CASEAMEX) - Can Tho - Viet Nam - 8/3/10 - Cantho Import-Export Seafood JSC. (CASEAMEX) main business is the growing, processing, and exporting frozen aquatic products. Their main products are frozen Pangasius Hypophthalmus (Tra fish) and Basa Bocourti (Basa fish), black tiger shrimps, fresh water shrimps (in types of HOSO/HLSO, PD, PTO, and PUD), skewers, along with other aquatic products such as frog legs, octopus, ink and other kinds of salt-water fish. They meet international standards BRC, HALAL, GMP, SSOP, HACCP, ISO9001-2000 and SQF 2000.

  • An Phu Seafood Corp. - Sadec, Viet Nam An Phu Seafood Corp. - Sadec, Viet Nam - 8/2/10 - Founded in March, 2007, An Phu Seafood Corp. is one of the most well equipped Pangasius factories in Vietnam, specializing in farming, producing and exporting. Their farming includes processing, buying and selling frozen seafood product and their producing includes feeds for the aquacultural industry.

  • Binh An SeaFood Joint Stock Company - Hochi Minh, Viet Nam Binh An SeaFood Joint Stock Company - Hochi Minh, Viet Nam - 7/26/10 - Located in Can Tho City on the bank of Hau River, the company has a total area of 30,300m2, specializing in aquaculture and processing of frozen fresh fillets of basa pangasius fish and tra pangasius fish. They have a water area of 40 ha of basa fish which gives an annual output of 15,000 tons meeting 30% of the plant�s need of fish raw material. The plant is equipped with brand-new and modern machinery fabricated by firms such as MYCOM (Japan) with IQF freezer and conforming to ISO : 9001, GMP and HACCP standards can process 500 tons of raw fish per day.

  • SOUTH VINA - Can Tho, Viet Nam SOUTH VINA - Can Tho, Viet Nam - 7/23/10 - SOUTH VINA is a private limited company founded in 2005, located on Hau river bank. Their main products are pangasius hypophthalmus and pangasius bocourti fillets and markets in: America, Europe, China, Middle East, Hong Kong, Russia, Africa and other regions and territories in the world. Certification: HACCP, HALAL, ISO 9001:2000, BRC, EU CODE: DL 14.

  • Sumber Bahagia - Denpasar, Indonesia Sumber Bahagia - Denpasar, Indonesia - 7/22/10 - Founded in 1995, Sumber Bahagia exports many varieties of fresh fish, including barramundi, tuna, golden snapper, red emperor, coral trout, swordfish and parrotfish, among others. They also export crab and tiger prawns to Japan. These products are sourced from the islands of Sulawesi and Java.

  • Aqua Treasures - Kelowna BC, Canada Aqua Treasures - Kelowna BC, Canada - 7/8/10 - Aqua Treasures is a privately held business with operations in Kelowna BC Canada, specializing in producing high quality fish food. Aqua Treasures produces and sells Mysis Supreme frozen fish food in 4oz, 8oz, 16oz and 32oz flat packs. It is harvested using their unique live on board process where its flash frozen immediately.

  • Newfoundland & Labrador Import Export LLC - Garwood, New Jersey Newfoundland & Labrador Import Export LLC - Garwood, New Jersey - 7/7/10 - Neptune Sea Products Ltd. is a family owned and operated company. Neptune Sea Products Ltd. uses only the freshest and highest quality fish possible, and adheres to strictest hygiene rules and regulations for a superb product.

  • Alphasouth Sarl - Casablanca, Morocco Alphasouth Sarl - Casablanca, Morocco - 6/24/10 - AlphaSouth Sarl is a leading Fresh/Frozen Fish & Seafood exporting company from Morocco exporting to major E.U, Russian and North American markets. Fish are carefully selected, first choice (Artisanal line fishing by small boats, in-out-same day). Fresh fish are iced immediately, delivered to factory for quality control, grading, sorting, sizing and packaging.

  • Stark Products - Flushing, New York Stark Products - Flushing, New York - 6/11/10 - Stark Fish Inc. provides wholesale seafood to institutional buyers, restaurants, grocery chains, distributers, and food product manufacturers. Stark Fish has been a recognized industry leader in the distribution of high quality, low cost bulk fish and seafoods shipping millions of pounds of seafood every year. Manufactures lobster tanks & refrigerated seafood displays.

  • Trang Seafood Products Public Company Limited - Muang Trang, Thailand Trang Seafood Products Public Company Limited - Muang Trang, Thailand - 6/9/10 - A leading seafood processor in Thailand for more than 20 years. They supply their products to EU, USA, Japan, Korea, China, and Asia. The main products are Shrimp, Cuttlefish, Squid, Octopus, Salmon and other seafoods.

  • Zhejiang HuaTong Aquatic Co,Ltd. - Taizhu, ChinaZhejiang HuaTong Aquatic Co,Ltd. - Taizhu, China - 5/24/10 - Established in 2001 and located in Taizhou Economic Development Zone, the company covers 168,00 square meters with a quick-freezing capacity of 200 tons/time. Main products are Spanish mackerel, Ribbonfish, Oceanic bonito, Pacific mackerel, Butterfish, and Squid. Processed products are Spanish mackerel fillets, butter fish HGT, Mackerel fillets, Hair tail cut, shrimp, and squid tube.

  • Omoshiroi Trading Co, Ltd - Bangkok, ThailandOmoshiroi Trading Co, Ltd - Bangkok, Thailand - 5/14/10 - Omoshiroi (Thailand) is the marketing & sales company and sourcing of frozen seafood products (frozen tilapia fish, frozen shrimp, frozen squid, frozen octopus and other seafood) in Thailand, India, Vietnam, Malaysia and China. They have been a major supplier of shrimps, octopus, squid, cuttle fish and tilapia fish products over 10 years.

  • NorCal Food Distribution - Los Altos, Califoronia NorCal Food Distribution - Los Altos, Califoronia - 5/8/10 - NorCal was incorporated as a family run business with over 25 years of experience in the Sea Food Business. They own and operate a small fleet of fishing boats and aquaculture farms. All products are carefully screened by quality control experts to ensure safe high quality food and are procured from sustainable sources. HACCP, EU, ISO, BAP, MSC, SQF, and FAS.

  • Mukka Sea Food Industries - Mangalore, India Mukka Sea Food Industries - Mangalore, India - 4/26/10 - One of India's leading manufacturers and exporters of steam sterilized fish meal and fish oil. Supplies industrial grade fish oil exporting to gulf countries, Japan, South East Asia and to leading aqua feed manufacturers in India and abroad.

  • Sohafood Corp. - Can Tho City, Viet Nam Sohafood Corp. - Can Tho City, Viet Nam - 3/29/10 - Established in 2000 Sohafood Corp. has modern state of the art equipment, machineries, facilities and a skillful experienced workforce, specializing in trading and processing all kinds of seafood and agricultural products for export with an output of more than 10,000 mt of finished products per year. Sohafood Corp received HACCP accreditation, and international standards like SSOP, GMP, and ISO 9001:2000 and obtained its EU export number (Code-DL 151) to export to markets such as the US, Canada, Australia, EU, Japan, South Korea, etc...

  • CTLE Seafood, Inc. - Dalian, China CTLE Seafood, Inc. - Dalian, China - 3/19/10 - CTLE Seafood, Inc., is a frozen seafood company, located in Toronto Canada with office in Dalian, China that is a major supplier of a wide range of frozen seafood products to the world market.

  • Morex International Trading Company - Amman, Jordan Morex International Trading Company - Amman, Jordan - 3/9/10 - Established in 1998 with the aim to supply large organizations through long term contracts with food and operational supplies. Morex responds and bids for major tenders to supply the Jordan Armed Forces among other major clients in the local market including supermarkets, restaurant chains and hotels to supply them with the highest quality fresh, chilled, frozen and dry food items as well as operational supplies.

  • QuangMinh Seafood Co., Ltd. - Cantho City, Vietnam QuangMinh Seafood Co., Ltd. - Cantho City, Vietnam - 3/9/10 - QuangMinh Seafood Co., Ltd. is a professional international company that deals in some business activities, especially in farming, processing, marketing & exporting seafood products. They have 2 factories, which started to operate at the end of 2001 with 1500 workers and the total capacity of over 19,000 MT/year whose main products are frozen pangasius & surimi.

  • Fortune Life Enterprise Co., Ltd. - Taiwan Fortune Life Enterprise Co., Ltd. - Taiwan - 2/8/10 - Fortune Life Enterprise Co., Ltd. established in 1979 specializes in aquaculture produce and frozen processed foodstuff. Currently, their products can be categorized mainly as frozen seafood, frozen processed food stuff and others.

  • Green Gables Mussels - French River, Prince Edward Island, Canada Green Gables Mussels - French River, Prince Edward Island, Canada - 1/14/10 - Green Gables Mussels Inc., is a family owned business located in French River, Prince Edward Island, Canada, involved in long-line mussel cultivation, processing and exporting cultured mussels to Canadian and American customers as well as those as far away as Saudi Arabia. Currently, the mussel industry on Prince Edward Island produces almost 40 million pounds annually with Green Gables producing over 2 million pounds. They are currently developing a Gourmet Seafood Chowder which includes Green Gable mussels, scallops, lobster, haddock, and clams in the list of fresh ingredients.

  • Thanan Quality Fish Co., Ltd - Bangkok, Thailand Thanan Quality Fish Co., Ltd - Bangkok, Thailand - 1/6/10 - Thanan Quality Fish Company works with three processing plants in close proximity to Bangkok. Their main plant specializes in processing Rohu ( Labeo rohita ), mrigal ( Cerrhinus cerrhosus ) and tilapia ( Oreochromis niloticus ). Their other plants specialized in fish fillet products and an HACCP certified plant specializes in processing whole gutted tilapia for Europe, United State and Japan. Their farms are also Best Aquaculture Practice (BAP) certified farms.

  • Deep See Products International - Orlando, Florida, USA Deep See Products International - Orlando, Florida, USA - 1/5/10 - Welcome to Deep Sea Products Import/ Export company , where we deal with the finest quality seafoods from all over the world. We can supply from the most exotic to the every day seafood. We also can supply poultry and meats, Asian Products and a wide array of biodegradable and by products used for fish and squid meals.

  • Quality Seafood & Bait Services - Berlin, Maryland, USA Quality Seafood & Bait Services - Berlin, Maryland, USA - 1/3/10 - A Mid-Atlantic based seafood company selling fresh high quality seafood and bait purchased directly from commercial " Day Fishing Boats" and delivering only fish that's brought to the dock the same day.

  • Australis Aquculture - Turners Falls, Massachusetts, USA Australis Aquculture - Turners Falls, Massachusetts, USA - 1/2/10 - Starting with a revolutionary, indoor aquaculture system in Massachusetts, Australis' innovative farming practices address all of the major environmental challenges facing fish farming. Such innovations are helping the aquaculture industry reach its potential as a sustainable alternative to diminishing wild fisheries and have propelled Australis to become a recognized leader in the sustainable aquaculture movement. Australis has committed to expand supplies by sustainably producing Barramundi in Southeast Asia, working closely with local farmers while also establishing their own operations. They have also introduced a new product, Authentic Swai, which is sure to explode in popularity in North America as it has done across Europe.

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